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passionflower has 29 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in OB, Women’s health, Educator, Leadership.

RN+ mother, wife, daughter, budding author. Holistic nature. Passionate about women’s health and entrepreneurship. 

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  1. You can cite every study in the world, I have been a nurse 30 years and have seen the difference. That bedside experience is priceless. Some things can not be taught. Education + experience makes for a well rounded NP.
  2. passionflower

    Well...back at it!

    I have flirted with management because I love quality improvement projects. For me my job as a clinical educator satisfies this role without adding evaluations and disciplinary actions and the politics that come with it. I do admire those able to handle the management role well because it is not an easy one.
  3. passionflower

    LDRP clinical--resources?

    QSEN has a lot of case studies they are pretty good. Sim-central has some. You can google OB case studies for more sources.
  4. passionflower

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    You and I have a lot in common - age and an interest in writing. I do have work experience but I remember being frustrated on my inability to get that first job. I started out in a nursing home just to get my foot in the door. It turned out to be a good idea - I gained so many skills and was able to check them off for my next job. Keep a journal of your experiences. Age does not matter in writing and they are always looking for writers in healthcare. This can supplement your income and who knows may also lead to a job. Best of luck to you. Don’t give up!
  5. passionflower

    Clinical nurse educators...

    No they do not
  6. passionflower

    If not nursing what other career would you have done?

    WRITER!!! I would also love to mentor or teach youth.
  7. passionflower

    Capella RN-BSN-MSN flexpath experience?

    This sounds a lot like the WGU model which seems to work well, a lot of people like it.
  8. passionflower

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    It isn't always worth the money.
  9. passionflower

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    I use to work in Human Resources where we did a yearly run on all 100k workers. They were all upper management and PRN nurses with experience on that list and that was probably 15 years ago. Mind you home care agency was also in New York.
  10. passionflower

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    I live in Southeast Georgia also. Salaries here are awful but I love the location. I guess it's all about what satisfies you.
  11. passionflower

    Healthy Weight Week: Eat Healthy Lose Weight

    My biggest problem is how to remain consistent as a night shift nurse who also goes to school. Routine and consistency are my Achilles heel.
  12. passionflower

    A Day In The Life Of An OB Charge Nurse

    Janine I have been a nurse for about 30 years. An OB nurse for ten and you just described many shifts I have worked. Great article. We have some things in common - our love for writing, I am also part of Healthcare writers network. Trying to pursue my dream when I'm not delivering babies.
  13. passionflower

    A Day In The Life Of An OB Charge Nurse

    It's not as hard to break into as it used to be OB takes new grads regularly. Not that you are a new grad, just saying they train them.
  14. passionflower

    WGU will not accept me

    I am in WGU right now (RN to MSN program) and I can not imagine how anyone could pass without being a working RN. Granted you may be able to function as an RN but there are multiple task associated with the program that require you to reach out to your manager and hospital resources both in BSN and MSN portions. Right now my class task requires me to sit with my unit manager and someone in QI. I need six months worth of information to formulate my project and this is non-negotiable. The next class will require me actually putting a working plan in place on my unit and then evaluate the change, without my manager's input I could not complete the assignment and there are many courses like this hence the "real life competency based" experience. I think if they relaxed their rules or chose on a case by case basis they would run the risk of someone taking a class they are not equipped to handle because an evaluator misread a resume or made an incorrect assumption because it would then be subject to human error. It's not just about the experience a person has but also the accessibility afforded to most RN's on hospital units. Good luck on whichever path you choose to take.
  15. passionflower

    Teaching distance learning

    I want to be you when I "grow up". I am in the program at WGU right now RN-MSN bridge (nurse educator) and I LOVE IT.
  16. passionflower

    Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    I did quote the poster but the text was long and that line was the only one I was referring to. I come to this site because of the lively and varied topics of debate and it was my opinion that the poster was discouraging this with that comment. The OP was looking for a solution to a problem and did not say anything out of line in my opinion. I was not referring to inappropriate discussion which of course should never be tolerated. That is why I used the term "healthy" debate - meaning enriching, enlightening, lively, thought provoking, etc.