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Hi All, Has anyone taken any classes from Western Governers Universuty, the RN to BSN program? It looks like a great program, but the classes are not your tyoical pay per class style. They go by a 6 month period, you pay a fee... Read More

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    So, when do you start the program? I begin on December 1st .. I'm really excited..

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    Hi Caid, I was suppose to start 11/1 but due to changes in my financial aid & their scholarship I applied for, I will start 12/1 also. I just changed it today. I have 98 pre-req so I have 23 units including EWB which I think you can complete in a a couple of weeks. I am also eager to start & plan on completing the BSN in 6 months. Keep in touch!
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    How can you complete the bsn in 6 months?
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    I am interested in this program also. How are the classes and assesments set up. I would like to be done quickly as possible, so that I can move on to NP school.
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    Quote from RN7500
    How can you complete the bsn in 6 months?
    If you can devote 20-30 hrs per week, it can be done. WGU does not have courses, they are competency assessments based on units not credits. 2 of my 23 units are an introductory assessment that all students must take and I've been told that it can be done in about 4 hrs from a current student and the remaining assessments are mostly papers.
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    So it's all APA style papers?
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    All but one nursing assessment, Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership are performance assessments which consists of projects, essays, & research papers. One of the recommended textbooks is the apa manual so its probably apa style for the papers. The other assessment mentioned above is a proctored-computer based exam which means your tested via a proctor on case studies, video based items, short answers, & multiple choice. They provide you with a webcam as part of your tuition if any of your assessments need proctoring.
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    I am currently in WGU’s RN-MSN program with the BSN option. I did tons of research and found this school to be the best choice for me. I applied and had been accepted with transcripts evaluated within 1 week. Tuition was discussed up front but I was also informed it wouldn’t be due until 30 days after start of program. I was very pleased with the enrollment counselor. Then came my personal mentor and I couldn’t be more happy! I started October 1st and haven’t slowed down yet. I also wanted to know "how" it worked before I signed up, so I will try to help-
    To answer a few questions from the previous post they do require all essays to be in APA format but give us many resources on how to do so. (webinars, websites, sample papers)
    They also give a huge transfer policy for pre-reqs basically all RN’s get a requirement met and are only required to complete the nursing portions of the RN-BSN or RN-MSN program.
    All BSN courses can be completed from your own computer. I know one class “organizational systems” says it is an objective exam but it is not I just turned it in November 2nd and it consisted of 2 essays. Only 2 or 3 MSN program classes have to be taken at a center, (local college or sylvan learning center) If you can't go to a center they send you a free webcam so it can be completed from home.
    All tasks consist of essays, power points, graphs, different projects to show you understand, once completed you submit them for evaluation and they come back within 3 days either labeled as “meets requirement” or “needs revision” (with an explanation of what needs revised)
    Each COS (course of study=class) Comes with a list of required learning resources (textbooks) that can be purchased anywhere to aide in completion of the required tasks for that COS. Each COS also has extra material available at no cost, FYI; I didn’t purchase text books for my first 2 classes and passed without any problems.
    The mandatory EWB class has to be taken by all students (it’s a review of how the college works) and they give 20 days to complete it. I did it in 2 days and started my first real class on day 3.
    For undergrad status (BSN) they place 12 credits on your list at a time and when you have completed those; then they add more. For the graduate(MSN) they place 8 credits at a time. For instance I started 10/1/2010 and it said;
    EWB required completion date 10/20/2010
    class #1 required completion 11/26
    class #2 require completion 12/30 and so on.
    Each class has a standard timeframe to complete it, BUT you move as fast as you want I certainly have!
    So since October 1st I have completed 3 courses and working on 4th (Yes, that’s a total of 13 credits so far!!) I will have my BSN in less than 6 months and working on my master’s
    Don't get me wrong it's hard work and takes devotion but anything worth having is worth working for!
    Good Luck! Please feel free to email me privately for any other WGU related questions.
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    Hi christy78
    I am glad to had read your post. I had just sent in all my transcripts to WGU but looking to start march 2011. I also work full time. I am interested for the RN-MSN, my concern was if I am unable to complete the whole course will they grant me the BSN if I had completed that along the MSN route but did not complete the MSN?
    Also how intense is the program? is it alot of research papers? I am worried because I work full time night shifts. Any information would help! thanks!
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    Hi cali31,
    You have to request to petition for the BSN right away, like during your first mentor phone call. Then when all BSN work is completed you decide to continue on or opt out at that point but either way youíre issued a BSN.
    I am not going to lie, it is very hard! Tons of research papers, my friend is in UTAís online program and my workload is 3 times that of hers. They donít just hand out BSNís!
    But with that being said, I love it! It fits great into my schedule. I also work full time nights in the ICU, and am a full time wife, mom and volunteer at my daughterís kindergarten 2 days a week. It can be done if youíre dedicated.
    Why are you waiting until March?
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