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  1. Erikadawn RN

    Patients declining certain staff to take care of them

    There are pts in every dialysis unit like this, just leave him alone and stay away from him. I believe the majority of dialysis pts are so bitter that they are on dialysis, so they hate us, the caregiver. I have also taken care of some that I love to see every day and talk too. Just chalk it up and move on, don't stress about it, it's not worth it
  2. Erikadawn RN

    Patients declining certain staff to take care of them

    Don't be upset by it, I have been in dialysis for 5 years . I have a pt now that tells everyone I wasn't watching him and he had to go to hospital for a high BP. I did send him to the ER but he conveniently forgets , that it was his "favorite " nurse that left early and when I took over that section I discovered his BP was elevated for the past 2 hours. Smh
  3. Erikadawn RN

    Question About Returning to Dialysis

    After I left Freaenius and reapplied, because I had been gone over a year, they wanted me to do the whole training again.
  4. Erikadawn RN

    New Hire with Davita..got a ??

    It would probably be easier to not even start and just transfer if you want to move now. Call the recruiter and explain they always need nurses, I work for Davita also
  5. Erikadawn RN

    How to find a nurse to rent a room to

    I just recently relocated about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta. In orientation today I was talking with a traveler nurse, since I have always been interested in traveling. I think it's a good idea to find a traveler to rent a room to. I have 2 extra rooms on my lower level . Where would be a good place to advertise at?
  6. Erikadawn RN

    6 weeks orientation then left alone? What to do..

    It's not an idea situation, but if there are very good techs, then it's doable.
  7. Erikadawn RN

    Sooooo many meds!

    That's pretty high for us also, my camp is in NJ also
  8. Erikadawn RN

    Did I make the right decision?

    Taking care of my children, is always the best decision for me. No matter how hard a struggle it is, don't go to the job and sit and be miserable, look at it as your way out and to a better future. I worked at a summer camp for 12 weeks, without a home to go to after camp was over. I didn't worry my children, I just worked to get it right
  9. Erikadawn RN

    Insulin Pump at 4 week camp

    We have gotten a few kids with pumps. Our camp is proactive when it comes to kids with diabetes . We have orders from the pediatrician or endocrinologist . Regarding sliding scales, snacks, carb counts etc. We also have the child leave the pump at the nurses station prior to swimming, and retrieve it immediately after swimming. The camper is also assigned a counselor during the swim. The counselor is trained to notice any symptoms of hypoglycemia. It may be difficult at larger camps, but we may only accept 1 or 2 diabetics per trip.
  10. Erikadawn RN

    Travel dialysis nursing

    I'm excited please come back and post to let us know about your experience
  11. Erikadawn RN

    Best Sick Call slips

    The funniest one I got was from an elderly man that said, the marihuana smoke from cell 23, is aggravating his asthma. ( after investigating, it wasn't from him, just someone snitching on the marihuana smokers).
  12. Erikadawn RN

    Women's Prison

    I have worked in both, I don't play the penis games. I will write you up and I will confront you about it. Some officers will address it, and some won't . I was the only black RN and they never made it stop. So I handled it my self,
  13. I guess it depends on the company, I worked for a company and the big companies. They both have issues and lawsuits. Keep your practice in with the scope and follow the rules and you should be ok
  14. Erikadawn RN

    How easy is it to lose a license in correctional setting?

    I worked in corrections for over 5 years, and I have seen 1 nurse lose here license. It was at her per firm job at a nursing home. I can say that , nurses who view the inmates as less than, that's when the dangerous practice starts.
  15. Erikadawn RN

    Acute dialysis nurses- let's talk money..(again)

    Philadelphia, I work directly for the hospital and pay is contingent on experience, by the union pay scale. We have call pay 3.15 hour and time/half when called in.
  16. Erikadawn RN

    2015 Work Thread

    I start Camp Vacamas in NJ on May 28. Can't wait