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  1. RN7500

    WGU: Western Governer's University

    I have Applied to diff schools, and I've change my program of choice so frequently that I'm confused at this moment. Issues being whether to go for my RN-BSN or RN-MSN. I finally stream-lined to WGU, RN-BSN. However, the problem I have with WGU is that their advisors are not at your beck and call, their financial aid assistance and processing is very slow and not proactive. You cannot contact them anytime, you need to make an appointment,unlike chamberlain that is proactive, but expensive.
  2. RN7500

    western governors university

    Christy78, I'm so enthusiastic to communicate with you for more info/details. I love your zeal, keep it up. I don't know if you can pm me?
  3. How can you complete the bsn in 6 months?
  4. I applied to several schools, such as chamberlain-got accepted to the bsn program. To walden - got accepted to the rn- msn program. Nova university,got accepted to the bsn. American sentinel university,got accept to the rn-msn program. No response yet from Wyoming university. I'm leaning towards American sentinel, it's cheaper, plus my Boss is currently in the program, and she loves it.
  5. RN7500

    American sentinel university

    I contacted the school today, I was told that they admit student every month. Has anyone graduated from this school, or currently in the program?
  6. Does anyone has any information on there rn-msn program?
  7. RN7500

    South Alabama-FNP, Spring 2011

    Is South Alabama-FNP online?
  8. RN7500

    Indiana State University FNP

    Is Indiana State University FNP 100% online???
  9. RN7500

    RN to BSN

    To aZor I believe uop is best fitted for Nigerian trained nurses,if u don't want to retake classes u already took. Their program accommodates prior classes, from non American institution.
  10. RN7500

    RN to BSN

    Thanks,I've finally opted for chamberlain. It is expensive though!
  11. RN7500


    I'm supposed to go walden but I changed my mind for chamberlain. Walden is not willing to issue BSn in the process, most schools ask for BSN for NP programs, and I don't want to be limited.
  12. RN7500

    RN to BSN

    Does chamberlain has a class that start in AUG 30th???
  13. Just checking out WGU program
  14. RN7500

    Msn student

    Does anyone know how often walden accept students to its' program.
  15. RN7500

    Walden msn program

    Any scholarship for msn student ??? any information will help.