Is all this school just crap or what? Is all this school just crap or what? | allnurses

Is all this school just crap or what?

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    Forgive me for my rant, but I cant hold it in much longer. I have been in FNP school for a year now. Up to this point I have had Advance Physical Assessment and Advance Patho. Everything else has been: theory, policy development, public health theory, and statistics. I enjoy my classes that have to do with assessment and patho. I just have the hardest time swallowing all of these papers and somewhat charismatic ideas expressed by my one of my professors. This particular professor has only a BSN and 2 years of experience as a nurse. He landed the "privilege" of teaching a graduate level theory class. Thank God it's not a class that really matters. This person also was a theater major before "answering the call" to become a nurse. You can just imagine how absurd these lectures are. The part that I'm stunned by is how can a reputable university allow this twit to teach graduate students and possess only the same credentials we all have as students. Thanks for listening. I feel better now.
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    Oh my! I can see how frustrated you are and I must tell you, you made me laugh! I'm just picturing the theater major teaching graduate nursing theory. Yikes! And I know what you mean about being sick of papers. I'm only in my first theory class and I'm sick of the writing and the footnoting and all of that. It will be a while before I get to the "good stuff". Ugh
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    This is a reason I did not want to do fnp...sadly
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    I don't understand how someone with only a bachelor's can teach a grad level class?
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    What class are they teaching....
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    Something isn't right. I find it hard to believe that a school of nursing at a university has somebody with an undergraduate nursing degree teaching a graduate level nursing course. Something doesn't add up.
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    Perhaps this person is student teaching for his MSN/Ed???? Goodness gracious I hope so! YIKES!
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    Quote from meandragonbrett
    Something isn't right. I find it hard to believe that a school of nursing at a university has somebody with an undergraduate nursing degree teaching a graduate level nursing course. Something doesn't add up.
    I agree. The last time I taught in a BSN program, as an instructor with an MSN, I was told that accreditation requirements meant that I couldn't even help teach a doctoral level course (in a topic/specialty area in which I had particular experience and expertise) with a doctorally-prepared colleague, because I had to have a doctorate to teach (even assist in teaching) a doctorate-level course. I expect there is more to the story than the OP is aware of. Perhaps the individual in question has a graduate degree in some other field that, combined with the BSN, qualifies him to teach graduate level nursing courses (although even that sounds unlikely, as most BONs require an MSN, specifically).
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    As someone who is currently in the mix of an FNP program I am going to take a unpopular stance on this. I believe that having to take all of this "crap" is what eventually makes us good holistic practitioners. Many programs that prepare physicians do not require classes on policy or regulations. I believe the nursing powers that be are attempting to essentially cause a "grassroots" movement y preparing all advanced practitioners to stand up for their abilities on a local and national level. If all nurse practitioners are educated on the basics of lobbying and policy making, doesn't that equip the profession to stand up for itself? Just attempting a silver lining. I have to keep telling myself this when I'm writing another boring paper about the ACA
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    I am finishing my first year as well. I am in a BSN to DNP program. I have to say I agree there are many "filler" courses. I assume they are keeping the lights on at the school withe money for those,lol
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    I totally agree. I'm in FNP school full time and the sheer amount of papers can be overwhelming. I feel so fortunate that I took a graduate level Health Policy course with my BSN program, making me exempt from taking it this semester with all of my other classes. Many of these theory based classes could be electives or all pressed into one class, rather than several. There are days when I wish I could go back in time and do the PA route, even though I enjoy the nursing model. Oh well, just one more year...