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  1. HELP Accepting DERM NP offer!

    Sorry, I missed a lot of this thread d/t a crazy week. But I have heard similar things about this company. Wow, 4 years!!! That would be a deal breaker for me. Too bad, because deem is such a great field. I love the idea of the ma doing the mai...
  2. HELP Accepting DERM NP offer!

    Is this offer with DermOne? Considering the training you get, the low intro offer doesn't sound terrible. 4 weeks vaca and the cme are also reasonable. I'm not sure how long it would take you to get to the 200k billing level. How long is your con...
  3. Occ Health - travel van job

    Don't worry, you'll do fine. I usually go by at least 65% of expected fev1 on pft and ask for a doctor's clearance if they have extreme heart or lung conditions or a abnormal ekg. But it's up to your judgement. (Again, sorry for late response).
  4. Occ Health - travel van job

    Sorry, just saw this! I'm new to Occ Health, but I have done several onsite projects where we do physicals, mostly for respiratory clearance for respirators. Is that what it turned out to be?
  5. OB/GYN Preceptorship NJ

    I did clinicals at a health department. It was all pelvic exams one day and STD clinic another. No OB, but something to think about.
  6. MSN vs DNP

    My personal feeling is that I worked quite a bit to get my MSN. I'd like to focus on building my professional and clinical skills. In the future I may pursue DNP, but I think it would cheapen the experience to rush through to get it now just becaus...
  7. Sick Call costs

    It was $5 for sick call and $1 for each med ordered when I worked in a state prison. No one ever complained to me about it that much.
  8. Soon to be NP. Nervous.

    It's a big change! My best advice is to keep reading. Go over your notes from school or from your review course. I still listen to the review cds in my car. I also keep journals in my bathroom. Seek out a first job that offers you support. You ...
  9. Travel from home to work

    I travel to facilities to do wound care. My usual commute is about an hour to the first facility. Sometimes it's 30 minutes between buildings. Then another hour home. It's not my dream set up, but there are other perks that make it worthwhile. T...
  10. All these NPs making less than RNs?

    I'm in Southern NJ, not too far from Philly. I made 25-35/hr as an RN (doctor's offices and prison, never hospital). I make WAY more as an NP. I have an FNP but I'm mostly working with adults in a wound care practice.
  11. Physician Extender ???

    To be honest, I was never bothered by the term mid-level provider. I don't feel like it speaks about RNs or LPNs at all, only PAs and NPs, who generally have a shorter education than their physician counterparts. I'm not saying that it's a great te...
  12. Does any NP regret becoming one

    I've only been an NP for a few months, but I must say that it is probably the best decision I ever made. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to go to school with my husband's support and blessing. I can't imagine ever regretting maki...
  13. PAP question

    Don't worry, even the best clinician won't get the cervix every time. I wonder if you'll get to see that person's results to see if you got the transition zone. I was always excited to see how I did!
  14. Nurse Practitioners/student nurse practitioners

    I just used free apps on my phone such as Medscape or Epocrates. I did buy the EMRA Abx app for $15. It's ok, but not as useful as I had hoped. There is no room in my pocket for another book, so apps are the way to go for me.
  15. Shadowing for np job

    I think it's wonderful to shadow first. Every place is different. I'm so glad that I shadowed with two different providers (same type of job, different companies). One was a much better fit for me.