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  1. KristeyK

    Pima Medical Institute (PMI) -- fair warning

    Sorry for the VERY late reply here...LOL. Evening classes? I can tell you that on the Tucson campus, that's a NO. Also, don't plan on having a M-F 8-4 schedule. I had clinicals on weekends several times. Especially during the summer months when the hospitals don't have a lot of patients to care for. I graduated from the Tucson program in May, and did so with a job offer. I sadly had to turn it down because I IMMEDIATELY moved to Texas, but I will say it is a well respected program. The only RN programs in the state that have better pass and employment rates was ASU. (This was as of August, 2012.) I can tell you I had NO problems with the NCLEX exam. Hindsight being 20/20, I was overprepared thanks to the program requirements. I am now a pediatric RN, happily employed here in Texas. YAY! I cannot say enough about this program. Yes, it has its faults, but EVERY school does. At least this one tries to take care of them and shows they care.
  2. KristeyK

    Never Thought I Would Be a Peds Nurse but...

    Oh LaRose you have my dream job!!! I started RN school wanting to go become a midwife. After my Peds clinical it was where I KNEW I wanted to be. I lucked out and got on a peds M/S unit at a small hospital. I also have the occasional adult patient, but I LOVE the kids. Once I have experience under my belt, I plan on searching for a peds oncology job in the city I commute from. (Either that or pediatric home health, as there are a few agencies around that specialize in peds.)
  3. KristeyK

    New Grad UMC Lubbock, TX

    Well, the programs may not be as enticing as UMC there in Lubbock, but you should also look into hospitals in Midland/Odessa and other small towns around west Texas. Abilene may be a good place to look too. (Not sure about that though.) Good luck!
  4. KristeyK

    Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Looking at border towns is EXCELLENT advice! I would also look into areas where the oil industry is booming (South and West Texas, North Dakota...). I graduated in August, moved out of state to San Antonio and STRUGGLED to find a job. On a whim I started applying to small border towns here in Texas and BAM! Got a job in the field I WANT to work in, and I had my pick of those areas. (I was offered Peds, ER, and NICU.) Yeah- no one who lives in the city wants to move to a smaller border town, but you can do ANYTHING for a year or two so you can get your feet wet. Heck- I have a family in San Antonio but am willing to live down here three nights a week so I can get experience and get a job up where I want to be.
  5. KristeyK

    Is there any travel nursing for new Grad's?

    I don't know where you live now, but try small more rural towns. I'm a new grad and have been applying EVERYWHERE in San Antonio and the surrounding area. On a whim I decided to try applying for a couple of hospitals in MUCH smaller cities about two hours away. THAT is what finally got me a job here in Laredo. I did contact a few home health agencies along with travel agencies, and was told to call them once I had a MINIMUM of one year experience. Hospice agencies may take you with only 6 months, but they're far and few in between. Good luck!
  6. KristeyK

    What Should We Call NICU Nursing

    That was hilarious! I totally identify with the "new nurse". LOL
  7. KristeyK

    Are you having difficulty finding work?

    I know my aunt who's been a nurse for 20 years cannot find a job. She's luckily still employed, but constantly getting cancelled for her shifts. :/ She lives in the Phoenix area.
  8. KristeyK

    Notes to take while waiting for THAT job.

    Have you looked into government positions? While I would DEARLY want "THAT" job, I took a position with the state of Texas because it has great benefits and pays the bills. The bonus part? I am gaining experience. It may not be the experience I WANT, it is something. I am getting patient contact, honing my assessment skills, and building my critical thinking and communication skills. And learning VERY quickly about medications used in psych, along with getting more and more comfortable with insulin and educating about diabetes to people with a diminished capacity to learn...unless I suddenly decide I love my job and stay with it, it should eventually lead to an acute care position, which will allow me to get the experience I need to go for my advanced practitioner degree and become a great FNP who has EXCELLENT experience dealing with difficult, non-complaint patients. To make my long story short: Apply for anything and everything, and take what you can get. (And that old saying seems to be true: Once you have a job, you'll suddenly start finding others. I turned down one position, and was told by a DON on a pediatric unit that she wants to hire me. I am just waiting on HR to get back to me on a salary number. ) Good luck!!!! (Oh! And for the record, I graduated from a school in Arizona in mid-August, moved to Texas, passed the NCLEX in October, and managed to find SOMETHING in a city that seems to be FLOODED with new grads.)
  9. KristeyK

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    I have my CHL. I am highly considering a position in Laredo, TX. You BET I plan on carrying in my car. The hospital is a gun free zone, so it will not go in with me, but I have an excellent lock box in my truck that is well concealed and you'd have to be a master lock pick to get into it if you don't know my 11 digit code. (If you wonder why I'm paranoid, Google Zetas or the Mexican cartels...the rental I'd take is a bit in the country. Quiet but potentially scary.) I lived near the borer in Arizona, about 40 miles south of Tucson. I started carrying when I was awoken one night with several Border Patrol vehicles blaring lights into my house, a helicopter, and the sounds of people shouting. They took two "coyotes" into custody, seventeen illegal aliens, four of whom were carrying drugs and heavily armed. From what I understand, Laredo is not a very safe area once you get outside of a couple areas of town. I want to be sure I can defend myself on my drive to and from work.
  10. KristeyK

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    I was blessed to be able to do a hospice rotation during school. It was WONDERFUL! Better yet, no restrictions. If they wanted a burger, they got a burger. If they wanted to smoke, we took them out to smoke. If they wanted a beer, we kept it in the fridge for them I want to go in a place like THAT if I cannot be at home.
  11. KristeyK

    New Grad Pay in San Antonio

    I just recently started working for the state here in San Antonio. Not my ideal job, but my pay ends up being a HAIR under $25.00 an hour. (It's psych nursing, not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a DARNED good job with killer benefits.) They pay the same whether you have an ASN or a BSN, the money comes with experience and longevity here. GOOD LUCK!
  12. KristeyK

    New Grad Salary

    I just started working for the state of Texas. I earn a HAIR under $25 an hour with my ASN. Once I obtain higher degree levels, they will pay me a higher wage. This is also without ANY previous nursing experience.
  13. KristeyK

    Is all this school just crap or what?

    Perhaps this person is student teaching for his MSN/Ed???? Goodness gracious I hope so! YIKES!
  14. KristeyK

    Taking NCLEX pn tomorrow... Please help

    Way to go!!!
  15. KristeyK

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Took it this morning, I get "Our records indicate you have previously scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." WOOT!!!
  16. KristeyK

    I am very worried. I am feeling very sick please help

    Texas Board of Nursing The answer is in here somewhere!!! Hopefully there's something more specific than this: Upon receipt of your application, criminal background check and affidavit of graduation, the BON will access the registration system of Pearson/Vue to see if you have registered to take the exam. If you have registered with Pearson/Vue, the BON will deem you eligible to take the NCLEX. Upon deeming you eligible to take the NCLEX, you will receive an email verification from Pearson/Vue giving you the authorization to test (ATT) and instructions on scheduling the test. Upon receiving the ATT, you will have 75 days to take the exam. If eligible for a graduate nurse (GN) or graduate vocational nurse (GVN) permit, the permit will be posted online within five working days of deeming you eligible to take the exam.