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  1. burnedoutRNinSC

    Are all NP's Doctoral material??

    When I hear about colleges and universities preparing DNP programs of study I'm reminded of my personal experience in my masters program for FNP. I enjoy the clinical aspect of my education, but like most I hated writing papers. My research in particular was just mind numbing for me. The doctoral title might look good on paper, but I really do not feel that I am doctoral material. For those of you who have completed your masters or are currently in one what are some of your opinions??
  2. burnedoutRNinSC

    Is all this school just crap or what?

    Forgive me for my rant, but I cant hold it in much longer. I have been in FNP school for a year now. Up to this point I have had Advance Physical Assessment and Advance Patho. Everything else has been: theory, policy development, public health theory, and statistics. I enjoy my classes that have to do with assessment and patho. I just have the hardest time swallowing all of these papers and somewhat charismatic ideas expressed by my one of my professors. This particular professor has only a BSN and 2 years of experience as a nurse. He landed the "privilege" of teaching a graduate level theory class. Thank God it's not a class that really matters. This person also was a theater major before "answering the call" to become a nurse. You can just imagine how absurd these lectures are. The part that I'm stunned by is how can a reputable university allow this twit to teach graduate students and possess only the same credentials we all have as students. Thanks for listening. I feel better now. :)
  3. burnedoutRNinSC

    New grads resigned to night work?

    A lot of new grads end up on night shift because its quieter and you are provided with the opportunity to perfect your skills and learn new ones when your at work. It is possible to get a day job. Most places put you on days initially because a lot of preceptors are day shift workers. However, every place is different. My advise to you would be to keep your mind open to night shift. There are a few perks. One is that it is quieter in most cases. You can hear your self think and look up things about the patients your taking care of. Read the charts and educate yourself on the diagnosis that your patients present with. Medscape is a great resource for you to use to find the latest research. Secondly, you DO get paid a little more for working nights. Having left nights and went to days. I can feel the difference in my pay check. Not to mention the level of stress in my working environment. I sometimes wonder why I left nights in the first place.
  4. burnedoutRNinSC

    Why do patients..??

    Yeah! sounds like you had a rough day. Sounds very typical. Family members seem to make the plot thicken when they come to visit. If not they like to criticize your job performance as if they are experts at what you do. Don't feel bad. Its nothing personal against you. People like that are stupid and you just cant fix stupidity. :hdvwl:
  5. burnedoutRNinSC

    Relocating from Columbia to Charleston

    Hi there, I am relocating from Columbia to Charleston. I noticed that Charleston has many medical facilities and hospitals to choose from. Does anybody know of a great place to work? What place should be avoided and why?