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KansasFNP has 10 years experience and specializes in ER, ICU, Family Practice.

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  1. experience with Barton ?

    I work with them now. Great recruiter. Great shifts. Good pay.
  2. VA NPs, I need some advice!

    Hi everybody. I am a nurse practitioner that works in the emergency department and have recently been offered a job opportunity in another state by the VA. I used to work for the Department of Defense at an army facility but have never worked for the...
  3. Krogers "The Little Clinic"

    Does anyone have experience working at The Little Clinic? I'm a FNP with just over a year of practice. Planning to go back to school and need something that will provide me a bit more time to dedicate to studies. There are currently none in the area....
  4. Mosby's Online FNP Review

    Hi all. I can't seem to find ANY reviews over Mosby's online FNP test prep. Have any of you taken this? What did you think?
  5. Mosby's Online FNP Review

    Hi all. I can't seem to find ANY reviews over Mosby's online FNP test prep. Have any of you taken this? What did you think?
  6. Western Governors University for BSN

    I went to WGU and loved it, but if you're end goal is NP I would suggest doing an RN-MSN route with the school you want to do NP at.
  7. Is getting an MSN worth it?

    The most important thing to decide is what you want to do with the degree. There are dozens of options regarding the kind of MSN degree you can get (Advanced practice/CNS, education, clinical nurse leader, informatics, healthcare administration, lead...
  8. CEN review-which one to get

    Jeff Solheim all the way
  9. I've had no problem finding preceptors. I have been a RN for quite some time and just through my working relationship with providers I have been able to find preceptors with no problem. I think this is an advantage to having a lot of working experien...
  10. Is all this school just crap or what?

    As someone who is currently in the mix of an FNP program I am going to take a unpopular stance on this. I believe that having to take all of this "crap" is what eventually makes us good holistic practitioners. Many programs that prepare physicians do...
  11. Going for a MD program from FNP

    If your goal is to be as close to a physician as you can without putting in all of the "hard work" then a NP track is not for you. If you love what you do/did as a critically thinking registered nurse and wish to serve a client population with advanc...
  12. Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    I don't care how old/young, fat/skinny, new/experienced you are. What MATTERS is that in a pinch situation, you know what you are doing and how to intervene using your God-given common sense. I have worked along side nurses who have been, as a common...
  13. Online Adult Nurse Practitioner Programs

    I am starting with Walden University Adult/Gero Nurse Prac program in December. They were VERY helpful through the admission process and are recognized by several state boards of nursing. Kansas, my home state, is notoriously strict about programs an...
  14. Walden University BEWARE

    I am a BSN graduate from WGU and have had NO issues being accepted into other schools. Starting with Walden for the AGNP program in December. They have been great to work with, are accredited and accepted by the state of Kansas Board of Nursing. All ...
  15. Walden University has new FNP and AGNP Programs

    I am in Kansas and starting the AGNP program on December 4th. Anyone else?