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In my school there has been a gentle transition where everyone is beginning to address me as Nurse D instead of Mrs. D. I don't mind - i mean it is my title - but then i got to thinking about how... Read More

  1. by   rural_nurse
    They call me Nurse Terri...staff and students alike. It is sweet when I'm in the grocery store and the little ones tell thier moms, "There's Nurse Terri!!" It just makes me smile.
  2. by   elprup
    I say use it. You went to school for it.
    If you were a doctor the same applies.

    We NEED TO VALUE AND UPHOLD OUR PROFESSION? I wonder why we as nurses are told by society that we do not matter? Maybe because we LET THEM!

    Still frusterated with nursing.....
  3. by   That Guy
    I typically respond to doctor. Then I quickly correct them.
  4. by   Vespertinas
    Enjoy the recognition! It reminds people and children who a nurse is and what she does and looks like. Represent!
  5. by   prettymica
    I let the patients choose, but typically Nurse + my last name. My first name often gets mangled and its not that hard
  6. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Nurse ****** will sound so good to me, just telling the truth....In my mind it will be a honor to be addresed as such....
  7. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    My last name is a tongue twister as well. The kids call me by my first name. Miss Sara.
  8. by   GitanoRN
    i'm from the old school when everyone address each other by their last names, however, these days and being in the states it's more relax so i answer to my first name or even when they butcher my last name, which it's not difficult to do " mr. nurse eleutiza".
  9. by   KelRN215
    The school that I work at mandates that the students (teenagers, it's a high school) call all staff by their last name, so I'm required to be Ms. Smith (not my real last name). I have a hard time every time I introduce myself to a student I haven't met yet because it's not natural for me to introduce myself that way. I was a substitute teacher about 8 years ago but every other role I've ever had, I've gone by my first name. I was a hospital nurse for almost 5 years and I obviously went by my first name there.
  10. by   lrobinson5
    Refer to my picture... Nurse Joy is totally acceptable
  11. by   SchoolRNAmy
    I have been referred to as Nurse Amy... or Nurse. I think it's cute when the little ones refer to me as Nurse Amy. This wasn't a choice on my part... the teachers just kind of implemented it on their own. However, I think it's pretty nice, and not snooty at all. We earned our title!
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Jolie
    My last name is a tongue-twister. When I first met my MIL, she informed me that I was never to refer to her as Mrs. Tonguetwister, that her first name was preferred. Over the years, I have come to equally detest the constant butchering of my last name, which is even more tongue-tiwster-ish when following Mrs. (It almost rhymes.)

    So long ago, I began to ask children to address me as Miss Jolie, a common tradition in the South, where I used to live.

    It works fine in school. Miss Jolie, Nurse Jolie, doesn't matter.
    I have a last name that is regulary mis-pronounced. So I go by Nurse Stephanie.

    One of the K-garten diabetic students calls our health aide "My Trish". She is very cute and we've let that go.
  13. by   ChristineAdrianaRN
    All I can say is that I'm glad you asked this question, because I wondered it myself!