Tell us about your school

  1. Mine is a new charter school (opened August 2015). Started with just 120 Kindergarteners last year. This year we got 120 new Kindergarteners and last year's K kids are in first. We will continue to add one new K class per year until we are a K-4 school. My school is in a very poor area and all our kids get free breakfast, free lunch and 2 snacks per day while they are here. Our school day is long (7:45-4) so they get most of their daily food with us.

    I mostly love my school. 95% of the families are amazingly committed to their kid's education, are warm, as involved as they are able,. etc. I do find with this population, it is difficult to get follow-through with documentation, bringing in medications, etc., but for the most part, the families are wonderful. Our teachers are all very young, so FULL of that "I am going to change the world" attitude Makes for a very positive work environment, which is a HUGE change from the jaded, crotchety teachers I worked with before
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  3. by   Cattz
    3 small rural school districts. I have about 320 kids total between the 3 districts (4 buildings).
  4. by   Eleven011
    I am in a public school. We are PreK - 12. Our main building is old, being built in 1917. We have two additions that have been added on, in the 40's and the 70's. I know all this because we recently had a big architectural study and town vote and we will be getting a brand new school. Its being built on the same site, so that means starting in the spring, we will be having school in a construction zone for the next 3 years. Looking forward to my new office, but not the mess in between (as I have been told they have no idea where they will be putting me in the meantime). We have a variety of students, from those with very limited resources to the affluent. Our staff are also varied. We have those that have been here for years and those that are new.
  5. by   BeckyESRN
    Public school- I'm in 1 of 2 elementary schools in the district. I have around 400 students K-5. A lot of very upper middle class and a lot of free and reduced lunch kiddos too- a pretty even mix. A lot of the teachers and staff grew up here, went to school here and moved back here to raise their families.
  6. by   coughdrop.2.go
    Public high school. about 3000 kids in an urban college city. Our students are a mixed of way, way upper income and lower income. A lot of gentrification in the area makes for a declining population and on-top of that, lots of uncomfortable racially-charged incidents.

    Since it's the only high school in the city it's a pretty big campus. I've seen community colleges smaller than this.
  7. by   ohiobobcat
    I work at a public high school grades 9-12 in a fairly rural area. Our school district encompasses 4 towns. My daughter and I drove to a wedding the other day, and we exited the furthest town line our district serves and it was about 45 minutes from the school. She was amazed that some kids she goes to school with live that far away (we live "in town" approx 4 miles from the high school).

    My school has about 650 students. A fair amount of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Every student gets a free breakfast. Lots of camo, trucks, and Carhartts at our school, from both the male and female students. Hunting is like a religion here (as a matter of fact, our principal is on an out-of-state hunting trip right now and was super excited to tell the staff at our last meeting that he had gotten the OK to go on this trip). Lots of blue collar families, we have a lot of dairy farms and a large mill that employs multiple generations of families in our area (my grandfather and uncle worked there).
  8. by   Eleven011
    Quote from ohiobobcat

    Lots of camo, trucks, and Carhartts at our school, from both the male and female students. Hunting is like a religion here .
    Opening pheasant weekend is like a holiday around here! And bragging rights go out to the biggest buck shot in elementary!
  9. by   MrNurse(x2)
    We are a small private school K-8 with 125 kids. Despite being private, we are a majority blue collar school, with a few upper class families. Most of our families live local which is mostly farmland. Our kids come in late during hunting season as they are coming in from their morning hunt. Unfortunately, Under Armour is the unofficial uniform for most. Right now we are in a defunct church (modern construction) and are in the process of building down the road.
  10. by   nyy2
    I'm in a public k-5 school. I'm one of 3 elementary schools with around 500 kids. Similar to BeckyESRN, most of the teachers are from the area. I, along with a handful of teachers here graduated from this district. I see a lot of kids of people I went to school with, which is fun sometimes.
  11. by   kidzcare
    I'm at a Junior high (6-8) in a large school district in the suburbs of Chicago. 17,000+ kids in the district, 1100 of whom attend my school. The building is less than 10 years old.
  12. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    We are a small, free charter school through the University here in town. We're only a few years old though. We are a STEM academy and have 3 campuses, in 3 different cities, in our district with a total of approximately 700 students, give or take a few. I'm the District Nurse (and the only nurse) so I go to all 3 campuses. We currently have grades 3-11 but my "home" campus will be going full K-12 next year with the other 2 campuses following suit the next year. FINGERS CROSSED I'M BUMPED UP TO FULL TIME NEXT YEAR We have a pretty even mixture of students from lower class, middle class, and upper class. We don't have a strict dress code so I see a lot of different colored hair and some super fun hats from time to time. Keeps things interesting for sure! Our school also does things a bit differently so you won't always see the kids just sitting in their desks doing work. A lot of times you'll see kids sitting under tables with their shoes off working on their iPads. So there's that all in all though, we're a pretty fun school. I genuinely love my job and the people I work with!
  13. by   JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    Mine is PK-5, about 600 kids. Pretty small town, everything from very poor to middle class. Some areas are still very rural so we have a big population of hunting, farming and 4-H kids. I, a vegetarian, love telling the tiny sharp shooters that I don't eat meat. The confusion on their faces is just priceless. One father refers to me as "that hippie" which I have no problem with.
  14. by   MHDNURSE
    So interesting to read about all the different schools!