School nursing does not mean nursing school

  1. 5 'Nuff said?
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    Yes!! Love it!!
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    Wonder what prompted that title ....
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    But you know, googling "nursing school forum" brings up this part of the site, and reading to make sure you're posting in the right place is SO MUCH work!
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    I think it's contagious.
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    If I knew how to do emoticons, I would do the one with a face knocking into the wall!
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    This one, schooldistrictnurse?
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    Maybe the moderators can tweak the settings?
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    But we're located under Specialties when there's a dedicated Students tab. Even if they got here through Google like fetch mentioned, the description is at the top of the page not to mention reading the titles of the topics listed indicate school nursing not nursing school.
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    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    Maybe the moderators can tweak the settings?
    We have NO IDEA why they post here...scary really. Other then moderating the entire thread making every post have to be approved by staff there is little anyone can do other than report them by using the little yellow triangle and we will move them....sometimes you just can't fix stupid
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    Quote from schooldistrictnurse
    If I knew how to do emoticons, I would do the one with a face knocking into the wall!
    when you post there are all the direction icons B I U font size etc....there is a smiley on the smiley face and a window will pop up with a selection of smilies....or click here for the smiley page Smilie List - Nursing Articles, Debates, Conversations, and Answers For Nurses and Students
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    Bumping this up again, because .

    I hope better happens before some folks take the NCLEX (or their 1st nursing exam, really).

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