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School Nurses: Who Works a Second Job?

  1. 0 Hello fellow nurses,
    Do any of your work a second job? For those work a 7-4pm school day, do any of your go straight to the hospital after work for a few days a week? Does anyone work home health on the weekends? Just curious to see how many school nurses work 2 jobs!
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    Forgive my post! I was typing tooo fast ! lol
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    I do per diem at a local LTC Some weekends sometimes (usually on a Fri 3-10) sometimes if they are really desperate I'll go in 3-7 or 8 but that is tough when I have to get up for school in the AM, but it keeps my foot in the door for summer vacation.
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    I work hospice part-time. I see patients on Monday and then am on call Mon/Tues/Wed nights. I work at the district Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I do one weekend a month on call for hospice.

    I was hospice first - then did the school nurse gig for medical insurance.
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    Not right now, but thinking I may have to soon. My husband was laid off and had to take a much lower paying in college...etc
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    i work per diem as an ADN at a local hospital - occasionally i'll pick up the end of a day shift 3-7 (more like 3:30 to 7 by the time i get there,, but they know my schedule and it's always just coverage during the week) and i work on weekends.
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    I don't have a second job yet, but am looking. I have an interview scheduled for February re being an adjunct professor of pediatric nursing at a small local college for Fall 2014 We'll see .
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    Currently, nope. I work 7:30-4:30, which doesn't leave much room for anything else - I am so wiped after a school day! Luckily, my husband and I can manage just fine right now.

    Last summer (and hopefully this summer), I actually taught technical theater at a theater camp; non-nursing, but another passion of mine . Keeping my eye out for camp jobs this summer, nursing and theater.
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    Goodness JenElizabeth, we could be career-twins! I too am a school nurse now, after a degree and several years working in technical theater. Never thought of looking for a theater camp job though, will have to keep that in mind for the future.

    As for the OP's question - I am not currently working a second job, though the pharmacy I used to work at has asked if I would consider returning part time. It barely pays over minimum wage though, and I'm financially ok right now, so I'm hesitant. On the other hand, even a little bit more to save up for summer would be nice (my district doesn't offer 12 month paydays).
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    I work as a clinical instructor for an LPN program 2 nights/week. I love my school nurse job but the pay doesn't cut it so a 2nd job is essential.
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    What a funny coincidence! I was a costumer for HS theatre for 10 years as a side job! Finally had to give it up--tech week was getting to be just too much!
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    Quote from bell1962
    Not right now, but thinking I may have to soon. My husband was laid off and had to take a much lower paying in college...etc
    Hope things improve for you
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    I work per diem at the ER where I used to work full time. I pick up 1-2 shifts/partial shifts per month.