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School Nurse Salary?

  1. 0 Please state your state and salary as a school nurse. Thank you!
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    State: TN

    Salary: Mon - Friday, no weekends, all holidays off, no summers, working with beautiful kids = PRICELESS.
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    TN, I'm jealous. I used to really love my last school. It was a public school. I work for a wealthy independent school and it's isolating and not rewarding.
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    CT : I'm in a small private school.... hired as a contract employee for the town.
    I'm paid by the hour, no benefits like PTO, Insurance... but my rate is pretty good.
    I work 30 hours a week.
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    Had a brief discussion with a volunteer who is a nurse in a large urban system--she's thinking about a switch within the system, both her current job and the potential new job are specialty areas, and the salaries were $15 to $20 more per hr than I make. WOW! But I am not a good fit for those areas and I really like my job.
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    Paid on 100% teacher salary in 19th year @ ~65K....but still work perdiem @ local LTC...26 years of being a single parent will do that to ya! Bleessed to have the ability and flexibility to do that in such a tough economy....BTW I love my HS kids and would not do anything else!
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    San Antonio, Texas

    $46,000 (we are on the same pay range as teachers) and my district is on the poorest side of town.
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    I'm also in San Antonio at a small private school. Paid at teacher's pay range also, so after 6 yrs I am making @ $46K. Unfortunately, my kids tuition increases annually at a much higher rate than my salary I always say that by the time they graduate, I'll owe the school money!
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    I am in Texas, also at $46K on the teacher pay scale. I have 3 years experience.
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    We are NOT on teacher's scale, I have 8 years' experience, and have been with the school system for 3 years, and I make (roughly) $25,000 per year. The WORST part of my job is the pay. I would love to make more but I'm not willing to sacrifice the schedule and my job for more money at this point. I get tempted at times, but never actually go through with it :-)
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    I started at $46k inTexas also. I'm on the same pay scale & schedule as teachers. My district only honored years experience at educational institutions so even though I'd been a nurse for 12 years I'd never worked at a school so I started at 0 yrs experience on the pay scale.
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    MA - 1st year as a school nurse. 5 years med/surg/tele experience. Masters degree in nursing. $44k. I will max out around $85k in 15 years. I am in the teacher's union and on their payscale. I will also be eligible to receive a state retirement pension
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    dfs1961 Whereabouts in MA are you?