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    GA--$30,000 (LPN) 187 days, year-round pay, 8-4 M-F and holidays off.

    I truly love school nursing, if I didn't I sure wouldn't do it because the pay is horrible.

    My son is a sophomore in high school, I am planning on going back to school and bridge to RN (if I can figure out where the money is coming from!), so when he is finished I can look somewhere that pays a little better. Moving is just not an option right now as he is in a FANTASTIC school district!!! School RNs make a little more than the RNs...
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    I am in my third year of full time school nursing in Dutchess County, NY. I make 31,000 a year. I love my job, even though it drives me crazy sometimes. The convenient schedule and retirement plan are huge incentives, because the pay is practically shameful. LOL For the amount of responsibility I have as the only "medical person" in the building, I should really be making more, IMO.

    I have elementary school aged kids. I am also lucky enough to work in the same school district that my kids attend.
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    About $30,000 a year, 30 hours a week. I work summers and breaks.
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    State: TN

    Judging by the responses on here, I may be getting the lowest pay! Sad to say, my salary is approximately $18,000/year. I work 32.5 hrs/week at an elementary school with 1000 students. I am a BSN, RN.
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    I'm in Maine. My pay is $39,500 yearly. I am on a teacher's contract. I get the state retirement plan, too. I do not work summers and breaks. I work in a high school of about 600 kids, and my day is 7 am to 2:15 pm. The students leave at 1:45 but we (teachers and the nurse) are expected to stay until 2:15. I stay later than that some days for meetings and such. Not a bad gig- but I did take a significant pay cut leaving the hospital. Love the hours, and like having the same schedule as my kids.
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    I am interviewing for a school nurse position tomorrow. It is located in Lake County Ohio for PLSD. It is a 1:1 position with a disabled student and it pays $18.60 per hour. I am not sure if it's lower because it's 1:1 or that's what all of the school nurses make there. Kind of surprising for a wealthy town. I've seen tons of positions open for substitute school nurse and they only want to pay $70 per day and require a BSN!!! That's actually less than one would make as a substitute teacher in some areas.
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    Quote from pbuttercups
    Ohio $24/hr

    Where at in Ohio?

    I shadowed a school in Trumbull County and the school nurse there makes $26 she said. I think she has been there for like 5 years she said. She started out at as a substitute.
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    They just increased the starting pay in my school district to $50,000. I'm in Texas.
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