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  1. jbrmdr

    Charting in Powerschool

    Do any of you chart your clinic visits in powerschool? They have told us we are going to start but that was years ago and they never began it. I think it was a privacy, HIPPA, FERPA issue but not sure. Anyone else use it? Like it? Dislike it?
  2. jbrmdr


    Do any of you use a tympanometer? Is it helpful? I usually just use otoscope but had someone ask me recently if I had one and I was considering purchasing one? Opinions?
  3. jbrmdr


    I have a concealed carry permit. I work at a school so there are no firearms allowed on the property. I do think someone in the school should be able to carry since we don't have a SRO all the time. An administrator or someone. We have door lock...
  4. jbrmdr

    Online RN to BSN

    I would like to go back to school and get my BSN. Trying to find a good, inexpensive college to do it through. Any recommendations?
  5. jbrmdr

    School Nurse Salary?

    Southwest Virginia, 25,000.
  6. jbrmdr

    Experienced Nurse, how to get more....

    I agree with Flare. I worked in adult ICU as well, with a couple of stints in peds when working float pool. I worked as a substitute nurse on occasion when I wasn't working at the hospital and that was great as far as giving me some insight and exp...
  7. I have a child whose mother sent me an email and spoke with me because she said her child is sick with a sore throat and cold symptoms. He misses alot of school and many times parents send them to school so they can be counted present and then check...
  8. jbrmdr

    Not a real nurse huh?

    I have been a med surg floor nurse, in charge with 8 patients and no secretary, worked ER, CCU, SICU, MICU, CVICU, hospice, pediatrics, med-psych and am now a school nurse. I was not one of the hateful, know it all ICU nurses because I remember how...