1. I applied for a new position in my home district 2 weeks ago and they called me today for an interview! It will be Monday afternoon so send me some good vibes!!!
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  3. by   kidzcare
    Awesome! Sending good vibes!
  4. by   WineRN

    Good Luck!
  5. by   GdBSN
    Good Luck!!!!
  6. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    Good juju sent your way!!!! Good luck!!!
  7. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Good Luck!!!!!!
  8. by   MHDNURSE
    So exciting!! Fingers crossed!
  9. by   ohiobobcat
    Kick butt and take names during your interview!!!
  10. by   Lupe Sanchez
    Good luck! You got this!