Merry Christmas School Nurse

  1. 15 Someone sent this to me so I thought I'd pass it on to all you school nurses.

    You might like to read and comment on this article. Let others know about your experiences as a school nurse. Why do you love your job? Or not.....
    School Nursing
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    Love this !!! It sums up school nursing in a nutshell ��
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    Soo nice, wish i could copy . Merry Christmass school nurses!
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    love that - i think i may send to my staff!
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    adorable! We have 2 weeks off at Christmas this year-I can't wait!
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    LOVE this....thanks
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    Tx! Will share with my staff!
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    Sung in the theme of Twelve Days of Christmas J

    On the Twelfth day before Christmas break the school nurse dealt with:

    12 head lice crawling
    11 ears a throbbing
    10 throats a scratching
    9 temperatures rising
    8 heads a hurting
    7 children crying
    6 meds a giving
    5 Band-aids
    4 ice packs
    3 pink eyes
    2 upset tummies
    And a hug to make it all better
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    Thanks I love it.
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