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  1. Elixer

    What illnesses are you seeing already?

    Wondering what's your policy on HFMD and Scarlet fever. Anybody would like to share how many days the student stays home and any classroom quarantine procedure in your school? Thanks!
  2. Elixer

    Sex Education

    Hello School Nurses! I was asked to give Sex education to grades 6,7 and 8 and I am wondering if anybody can refer any good videos and other resources. Topic focuses on Development of the human body including secondary characteristics, reproduction, contraception and STI. Any recommendation is highly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Elixer

    Countdown Time

    16 more days to go. Can't wait to enjoy the summer!
  4. Elixer

    Head Lice!

    Yeah, I tried and attached references(NASN, APA, CDC) to support my ground but got a(yes very reputable organization), don't know if I take it as an insult or just let it pass kinda comment. Our School director actually thought it was very interesting but the principal wrote he expected me to be much more "stricter" on the No lice/nits policy. He also mentioned "no parent would respect such decision". Well, I feel so crappy but I tried.
  5. Elixer

    38C fever, no ride home?

    @Farawyn and Nutmegge, sorry guys I dont work in the US of A. I'm using C here, so my instinct was to use that on my post above :). 38C =100.4F
  6. Elixer

    38C fever, no ride home?

    Great! Usually kids with fever gets picked-up by parents but if it's too close to going home time, i'd rather send them home with the school bus than sit and wait for parents to arrive another hour. Thanks all! I really appreciate all the answers I get here :)
  7. Elixer

    38C fever, no ride home?

    Hello again nurses, Im just wondering if you would keep a child in your clinic and ask parents to pick up when there's no other symptom other than 38C fever and it's 30 minutes to home time. I did send the child with the school bus because there are no other symptoms, no N/V, no stomach ache etc. Parent was informed and student was given paracetamol.
  8. Elixer

    Middle School/High School and Supplies

    I have fridge in my office, so i make ice cubes, put it in the ziplock with water then wrap it with a paper towel. If it's a serious case, I keep the student in my room for observation, if not they go back to class with the ice-water bag. I use Ace wrap if it's really needed. Some student's would ask for it just to "look cool" :) and that will be a NO.
  9. Elixer

    Newsletter topics

    In my last school, the school office is in-charged of sending newsletter. But my current school let me handle almost everything when it comes to health/nursing. I send out health/medication policy at the beginning of the school year, reminders when to send a student to the nurse, fact sheet of communicable diseases, etc. Also have my bulletin board inside and outside my room. Right now I'm planning of putting something interesting that follows the health awareness calendar. There are other issues I dont like but still happy to be at my school right now :)
  10. Elixer

    Object inside the ear

    Exactly! In my email I told her I would have done the same thing. I wouldn't want to send a child to an emergency hospital unless a pencil or anything sharp is embedded in the ear and if in my judgment I couldn't remove the object(paper ball in this case). I did the same thing in another school last year and had no problem with it. As a school nurse, I would like to limit unnecessary trip to the doctor or to the emergency hospital. Nurses are in the school for a reason, if we call ambulance or send them to hospital every tiny little thing student gets, they wouldn't need a nurse. The secretary can do it.
  11. Elixer

    Object inside the ear

    So today I got a call from the early years principal regarding the building nurse removing an object from one of the student's ear. The nurse successfully removed it and no further harm was caused. My question is, are school nurses should be allowed or are you as a school nurse allowed to remove an object from a students ear if in your judgement, it is not necessary to take the child to an emergency hospital just to get it out? I would have acted the same. The principal's concern is that, if the child moves and accidentally pushes the object further in, more damage will be caused. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks all! I am working in an International School and most of our staff are from all over the world. I find it necessary to have their emergency contact list due to a lot of staff are here by themselves(singles), some with wife and small kids and no other relatives. What's in my files are outdated, last updated 2012(this is my first year in this school and don't know why the files were not updated last year). Many teachers have already left and new teachers don't have their emergency contacts with me. I will send out an emergency medical forms for them to fill-out next week :).
  13. Im wondering if school nurses gathers teachers and staffs medical information and emergency contacts in their school. My responsibility as a school nurse where I work now is focused on the students but I'm wondering if others are also responsible with the staff's medical records. Anyone?
  14. Elixer

    Medication administration

    @SChoolNurseTXstyle, i love that! :). I hate it when parents think we know where their kid is all the time. Especially for a G10 student, I would really want him and the parent to understand that it's his responsibility to come to my office and take his medicine. I am not your private nurse!
  15. Elixer

    Medication administration

    Sorry, my crystal ball is broken!!! @SChoolNurseTXstyle, i love that! :). I hate it when parents think we know where their kid is all the time. Especially for a G10 student, I would really want him and the parent to understand that it's his responsibility to come to my office and take his medicine. I am not your private nurse!
  16. Elixer

    Medication administration

    Thanks everyone! I just needed to know I am not doing anything different than you do and not putting my job in line. I have one parent who is very close to the school director and though no complains about the missed medication yet, i just want to be prepared in case. Student is old enough and should be responsible enough to get to my office everyday but he doesn't. I call the room where he is almost everyday, even after asking his teachers in an email to send this student when he is in their class after school(teachers forget too). But during days that he is not in his classroom, i feel like it's my fault he is missing his medicine and worried that mom would complain.