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I've spent the last 4 years working with students with severe medical issues in very low-income settings. (Many of the students I had previously live in facilities with varying degrees of parent... Read More

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    Rarely get anything beyond a " Merry Christmas". We give more to our kids than they give to us and the wealthier community members give us money to buy gifts for our needier kids. I'm cool with that. My population needs the help.
    Me too!
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    I call it "Disco Lice" when found in the hair!

    Now I need a breathing treatment.
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    How do you delete a post?
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    How do you delete a post?
    I think the Admins have to do it for you.

    I think ...
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    OMG, between the 'herpes of the arts and crafts' world'images-2-jpeg and the 'disco lice'images-1-jpeg this thread's been great medicine!
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    Quote from kidzcare
    I don't work directly with students anymore so I am not expecting to get anything.

    I never got anything over the top but I have received some nice things over the years. Mostly GCs, candles, lotion, etc. I received a BIG box of fannie mae one year and I regifted it to my babysitter since they were her absolute favorites (mint meltaways) and not something I care for.

    I supervise two nurses now and I want to get them something. Any suggestions?? I had thought about a nice ornament that says "School nurse" in some way. Or may GCs to local places.
    One of my classmates made each of us a personalized tumbler with our name and lpn. It would work well on a travel coffee mug.
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    Last year, our late school president gave me a gift with lotion from Avon and other things. It was the nicest thing I was given, and the first gift I was given at my school, and makes me miss her, for her kind heart. (She passed away this last Halloween out of sickness.)