Help RN with BSN at school

  1. Hello guys, are there any RN's here with BSN and is working as a school nurse, I just wanna know how much they offered you. I am applying at a school near me and the interview panel dont have an idea on how much is the monthly salary. I checked on their website and the only salary displayed is for LPN.
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    "Should" be equivalent to teachers. Note the quotations.
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    "Should" be equivalent to teachers. Note the quotations.

    I have a BSN, but I'm on a nursing scale that is different from the teachers but also not really. Confusing, huh? I'm also considered part of the admin team, despite carrying a partial health teaching load. (But I do qualify for teacher's retirement, which is awesome!)

    My school actually loved my previous experience in higher education administration before I was a nurse and applied some of that towards my scale along with nursing experience.
  5. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Our district doesn't offer a different rate for ADN vs. BSN RN's. In fact, most of our RN's are paid under LPN salary, but they knew that coming in. Our doesn't offer a raise for becoming nationally certified, either.
  6. by   AdobeRN
    No pay difference at our district either (in Texas), we have a mix of ADN's & BSN's - we all are on the teacher pay scale. If you have your Masters's you get a slight pay increase - also same as the teacher scale. No pay difference if you are nationally certified either.
  7. by   grammy1
    If you're applying in FL don't expect much. NOT on a teacher's salary, less than half of what teachers make. No pay for Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, or spring break. That said, the hours and job are great.
  8. by   kbrn2002
    Hopefully it's an acceptable wage but don't be surprised if it's not. Our school district doesn't differentiate between LPN and RN at all. School nurses are paid the same [crap] wage no matter the degree. Used to be the benefits made up for that, but the last few years they've whittled away at the benefits until that's certainly not a good reason to take the job. The two school nurses I am friends with both left after last school year, one for more money and the other took early retirement. Needless to say the district is way short of nurses this year!
  9. by   Farawyn
    I got hired and paid for my experience as an RN. Same rate for ASN and BSN.
    LOW, even in NY.
    They don't hire LPNs here.
  10. by   kidzcare
    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    "Should" be equivalent to teachers. Note the quotations.
    *(sad, heavy sigh)*
  11. by   kidzcare
    This is very dependent on the state/district. Previously, I was on the support staff contract where a first year nurse was paid 75% of what a first year teacher was paid. I have become certified as a school nurse which (in IL) put me on the teacher contract at square one as a first year teacher. Still a massive increase after 5 years experience as a school nurse.
  12. by   WineRN
    Quote from Farawyn
    They don't hire LPNs here.
    We don't hire LPNs, our district is minimum BSN. Pay increases if you get your masters or certification. Our payscale is similar to the teachers but we start less and have a higher raise year to year compared to teachers (it's confusing). I also qualify for the same pension plan as the teachers which is very exciting. We also have good benefits for a school district.

    That being said I'm making about half of what I used to while doing home health, and you couldn't pay me to go back to acute care in the hospital.
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  13. by   BSNRNHS
    I made $33.30 / hour at the school I was at for 7 years. I make slightly less now at a new school but it is right by my house so I am THRILLED.

    Edited: I am in Northern Virginia
  14. by   djh123
    Remember another big factor: the part of the country and the part of your state. Cost of living. Salaries aren't going to be the same everywhere for the same specialty.