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Do you keep your door open or closed?

  1. 0 I mean during normal school hours not while doing screening or anything.

    Just curious.
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    it's closed, but (obviously) unlocked.
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    open doors are invitations LOL we leave it closed!
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    Depends on the noise level, my attitude, and whether I am cold or not. Apparently this is a difficult decsion for me!
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    open for business at 7:45, close for lunch, then open till 3p
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    closed , with a big sign that says knock before entering
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    Open generally, but my office is attached to the main office (plus I have a little interior window to the main office..weird right?) so if there is a lot going on in there I'll close it.
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    I would love to leave my door closed I have a few students with mobility issues and the doors are difficult for them to open - so my door is always open unless I am dealing with an emergency.
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    I have two offices - one at the elementary school and one at the D.O.

    At the elementary school I also use the little room off the main office where the copy machine and student files are kept - I give the insulin and ice bags and bandaids out there. My "office" is for H&V screenings and where I access my laptop. This office is always open unless doing H&V's. I'm 3 steps from the cafeteria/gym.

    My D.O. office door stays open . . . . or shut if the kids get noisy as I'm next to the gym/cafeteria there too.

    I don't have any real space at the other elementary school or the two high schools.
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    I guess I should answer my own question. I always leave my door open (unless I am doing screenings). I like it open because I still feel like I am part of the school and I can hear things happening down the hallway, etc.
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    Depends on the school. Some schools the door is always open since the office is in the main office and it's usually pretty quiet and there's not students constantly walking by. If the office is off a hallway, I prefer it closed to cut down on noise levels and to prevent students from seeing me and thinking up an idea to come and see me just to get out of class. One I've been to doesn't even have a door and one automatically shuts because it used to be a locker room/bathroom right off the gym which unless I want to get hit with dodge balls I need to keep shut!
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    Open since we are required to have our doors in knocked mode for lockdowns. Helps me hear when a patient is coming...I have 3-7 yr olds. You can hear them coming a mile away lol
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    Interesting -- I'm surprised at all the 'closed'.

    I leave my door open as it IS an open invitation to come in -- sorry ChristinP