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I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone could respond to this that is in... Read More

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    BelleLee0103, My remarks concerning NE Tech and my son's graphic arts degree were to point out the fact that the school has an excellent reputation in many fields, so lets not assume that the nursing degree would be any different. Many people I know are attending the school for nursing and are thrilled with it. The fact that it is an ADN program is irrelevant, many will continue on I am sure. Just as many continue on from CCRI or go from LPN to RN to MSN after their initial degree. Let the school prove itself as it has in so many other fields, just as RIC, URI or any school has to do over time. The fact that RIC is well known for it's Education degree would not stop me from seeking any other type of degree in a school that has proven itself. Don't be so judgemental. You are offending some here by assuming they will not be well educated, and will be a lesser nurse. If the ANA requires all nurses to have a BSN, I am sure those who choose to will seek out that degree from any number of schools. Just allow others to make decisions based on what fits them best, as I am sure you did.

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    I never said anything negative about any ADN program, if you go back and read what I wrote I said I think the nurses from CCRI are very good. St Josephs even better...I think its hysterical how offended some of you have gotten lol what does it matter what I say anyway? Its my opinion, just like you have yours. The information I posted was stright from the ANA website, so it didnt take that long to post.

    In fact the girl I was respnding too said that CCRI was and RIC were broke public schools with too many students per teachers, which simply isnt the truth and thats why I said anything to begin with

    Good luck with school CNABESS, I appreciate your input, and am sorry if I offended people but my post was meant as a response to a person who hasnt even responded so my apologies. Certainly you can not assume that because NE Tech has a good graphic arts program that their nursing prgram is just as good, it very well may be but one major has nothing to do with other if you get what Im saying.
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    Manda, I posted 2 paragraphs and that didnt take me that long (as far as time and energy) , does it take you a long time to write two paragraphs? lol, if you dont like what it says take it up with ANA (I didnt say it , they did!) lol, I didnt just make that **** up or pull it out of my ass you know.If you read the post of the person that I was actually talking to (not you), then maybe you would understand why I was defensive of my choice. What kind of nurse do you want to be?

    Britt, Why would you go the most expensive school to get your ADN if you could go to CCRI and then transfer to get your BSN? (I'm not saying this with any kind of attitude at all, Im actually just asking a question that no one has answered yet because in my opinion NE Tech is ripping you off)
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    I go to CCRI and the prof I had for clinical last year also taught at URI and she said we were as equally prepared to be nurses and for the NCLEX as our counterparts at URI. Your "holier than thou attitude", "I'm better than you attitude" is the whole reason why there is so much lateral violence in nursing. We all take the same licensing exam. Taking western lit doesn't make you a better nurse. Some people may have life experience and the attitude that will make them great and far superior nurses than someone like you who obviously has so much hostility towards any other program than your own. Someone could have all the advanced degrees in the world and still lack people skills. I think you may need to review culture in your nursing text. Also, the ANA has been trying for about 30 plus years to make a BSN the minimum degree required. I also do not know where you get your information about BSN's over an ADN. I have a friend who graduated from CCRI last year and was hired at W&I over another nursing student from RIC's program. You are insulting, hostile and most liking a difficult person to work with. I can assure you that you will be working with some great, seasoned and in your opinion beneath you ADN nurses and you WILL need their help. So please bring your attitude down a notch, you were accepted to the RIC school of nursing not Yale or BU. It doesn't make you any smarter or better than the rest of us who chose our various programs to fit our lives. I'd love to see where you are in ten years and if your just as miserable as you are now. You'll definitely have to keep us updated your great endeavors.
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    One of the reasons I chose NEIT was because I recently moved from Boston and checked out many schools in the area. My first choice was originally RIC but I did not have chemistry done and I did not want to wait two semesters to get into the program. As for CCRI, you needed to take dosage and calc first and I had not taken that either. NEIT offered me a great financial aid package, and the program sounded like a good fit. I am very happy with my decision here, and I will be going back for my BSN shortly after I graduate.
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    Thanks Britt I appreciate your non-violent response towards me and my questions and opinions lol I sincerley wish you well and good luck and I could understand why you made the decision you did

    Frogs: did you even read what I said about CCRI nurses and how good I thought they were? You sound very angry did I say something to you to offend you? I NEVER said ADN's were beneath me NOR do I think that.

    Simply go to the ANA website the information I posted is right there for all the world to see (you'll learn that in your nursing research class....oh wait , you dont have a nursing research class right?), This is not new information but obviously they dont teach it in ADN prgrams because who would want to learn about the advantages of having a BSN if you're in an ADN program?No, western lit does not make you a better nurse but I didnt take a normal western lit class I took Western Lit for Nursing Majors and learned a great deal about nurses and their roles in history, it was a very interesting class I would reccomend it to anyone interested in the history of the nursing profession. Do you want to do more research before you try to tell me what classes I take and you dont?

    you are the reason there is lateral violence, you just attacked me for absolutley no reason as I was not talking about CCRI except to say that I have had good experiences working with their students, and I keep my opinions to myself at work so please dont act like you know me ,this is a public message board , I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years. I said nursing students from CCRI were pretty good most of the time and here you are all BLAHBLAHBLAH my "holier than thou attitude"....ummmm WOW
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    No problem. this post seemed to get cut throat for no reason lol. but just so you know, all the teachers at NEIT encourage all their students to go on to bsn and further. also, we just completed the last stage of the accredidation process and should be fully accredited by january, as long as the majority of students pass the nclex when they graduate. and as far as i know, the director is working on a BSN program as we speak.
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    Thats awesome Britt...I did not know that and now that I do I think its great, do they offer a variety of times for classes? I could totally understand someone paying more for a more flexible program as it is hard to find time for school with a job, family, kids life etc...are you commuting all the way from Boston?
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    Hope everyone has a nice holiday!
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    @Bellalee. I do not negate the quality of CCRI, RIC, or URI one bit. However, some of your comments did sound very condescending and without merit. You put the NEIT program down for not yet being accredited...but guess what? They all must start somewhere...including those aforementioned. Now, with that being said, all points that you brought up with the ANA stated that they "may" require a baccalaureate degree for all nurses within 10 of 2008. Ok, so the word may and the year 2008 stand out to me because they have yet to do it and even if they do, who is to say that all of us in the NEIT program do not want to pursue a BSN? And, your opinion of the program is based on what fact about it? What, exactly, do you know of it, specifically? I am not trying to be hostile, by any means. Let me give you a little background on me. I am a non-traditional student with two young children. I have been a CNA for the last 10 years. I have worked in more than one local emergency room, as well as a plethora of other medical settings and so far the number one question that I get from co-workers, isn't that expensive? Yes, it is more than most. However, NEIT is a private, non-profit, technical college with the lowest tuition of any private college in the state. It is a personal choice to attend, yes. I have found the experience to not only be challenging but inspiring as well. And to say that our clinical experiences will not be as good as any other schools' is insulting. It is also insulting to say that we will not work in a hospital, on a maternity unit, in pediatrics, or anywhere else for that matter. I have, personally, worked with one of the instructors and she is a nurse that I know I have, I can, and I will learn a great deal from. She is very good at what she does and how she shows others to. We all know that we will not know everything from nursing school, be it an ADN or's a given. You learn as you practice. I would figure that someone, you or not, in the field, would be appreciative of the school making a go at the program, given the shortage of nurses and such growing waitlists to get into such programs. Their program is very demanding, as any other, and I am sure the accreditation will come, just like many of the other medical degrees at NEIT. Please do not think that this is a fly-by-night program. They take it very seriously, as do I and my classmates.

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