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  1. navycorpsman2010

    Work while going to nursing school???

    Is it possible to work (full time or part time) while going to nursing school??? If so, what would a typical day look like? What about clinicals, will that interfere with working? Are clinical sites flexible with your schedule or do you have to be present with everyone else? Obviously, i need to pay bills. I have money saved up but i feel like i have to work at least part time to even pay the bills. Any thoughts on the issue will be appreciated.
  2. navycorpsman2010

    LPN to BSN @ Indiana State U...here is the info i got!!!

    So, do you guys know whether we can sit for the NCLEX after completion of the program? Also, are the credits transferable to virtually all 50 states?
  3. navycorpsman2010

    Fairfield Univ

    I am trying to inquire about fairfield Univ. It would be nice if someone will respond who has finished the program or is in the program. How would you rate the overall program at Fairfield? Is the pace given at a pace where students actually learn nursing or is it rushed? What are the pro's and con's about the program? Do hospitals look for new hires during the length of the course?
  4. navycorpsman2010

    Accreditation for Remington College

    Does anyone know if remington college got their accreditation for the second degree BSN program that they have? When did they apply and how long will it take for it to get approved?
  5. navycorpsman2010

    Jacksonville Univ Second Degree BSN

    Good evening everyone....i was wondering if anyone out there is in the Accelerated BSN program for Jacksonville Univ. Is the program really difficult? Was it easy to get admitted into the program? How many days are clinicals? And the cost, i know its north of 50 thousand. Does the school offer scholarships or any hospitals offer any loan repayment programs? Overall, how is the program? Are they organized? Any gripes about the program?
  6. navycorpsman2010

    Chancellor's learning system

    I am trying to inquire about the legitimacy of this ASN program. Im kinda skeptical about this program because they are like a "middle man." The degree is awarded by Excelsior college but why is a middle man needed? Am i able to go to a RN to BSN program if i do this ASN program with Chansellors? Is there anyone out there that had difficulty trying to get into a BSN program? Is this ASN degree nationally recognized?
  7. navycorpsman2010

    holistic nursing program in Quinnipiac Univ

    Entry level BSN means accelerated correct? I have a previous bachelors degree in business and i'm trying to look at Quinnipiac's Accelerated program. Is the pace really fast? I heard students have to average to about a B to continue with the program. Did anyone flunk out of the program? I called the admissions office and they told me that the acceptance rate was almost 60 percent; i have a 3.1 GPA. Do you think that will be adequate for this program?
  8. navycorpsman2010

    holistic nursing

    I was wondering if anyone has any information about holistic nursing schools? Upon graduation, am i able to apply to a regular hospital? Im kinda skeptical about going into a holistic nursing program because of this problem. Is anyone out there a graduate of a holistic nurse program?
  9. navycorpsman2010

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    Its good to know all the inputs from other folks. This program is about 50,000 for the 21 month program and 42,000 for the 15 month program. From what i understand, those numbers spell RIP-OFF!!! Im thinking about going to CCRI now since it only cost about 7 to 8 grand for the whole program...
  10. navycorpsman2010

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    I was wondering if anyone had any information about this school. Their program is fairly new and not accredited as of yet. So, im kinda skeptical about this program. It would be nice if someone could respond to this that is in the program.
  11. navycorpsman2010

    VA Nursing academy

    Did you end up working for the VA afterwards or were you offered a job at the VA?
  12. navycorpsman2010

    VA Nursing academy

    I was wondering if there is any member here that is a participant of the VA nursing academy? What do you have to do to qualify for the program?
  13. navycorpsman2010

    Hospitals in CT that pays for college?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a hospital in the state of CT that pays for nursing school? I know that i may have to work for them for a while but it is worth the free education. However, having said that, do you get paid minimum wage for x number of years and really have no say on your schedule?
  14. navycorpsman2010

    holistic nursing program in Quinnipiac Univ

    I was wondering if anyone has information about the holistic 2nd degree BSN program from Quinnipiac Univ? Is holistic nursing different from a regular BSN? Upon finishing this holistic degree, do u qualify to work at a regular non-holistic hospital? Does holistic nurses know less?

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