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  1. shaniam326

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    I was accepted into NEIT's Nursing Program March of 2011. At first I was very excited to begin my new journey and then everything turned.. Let me start out by saying I am a previous graduate of NEIT with an "Associates in Science" from the Clinical Medical Assistant department. I was also over charged for this "degree" costing me almost $30,000 to become a medical assistant working next to people making the exact same amount as myself $12.00 an hour and from the Sawyer School or Lincoln Tech. I returned to the school to try to reach my goal of becoming a RN. Only 2 classes from my degree from their school was useful in this program from the same school as well. I struggled in A&P lecture and lab but pulled it off, NEIT nursing program requires a 78 avg or better in order to stay in their program in ALL classes not just Nursing. I managed to pass my hardest classes but slacked off on the easiers one because I was concentrating so much on the others. I missed my Nursing 1010 class by 3 points!! This means you have to REPEAT THE QT. thats right not just the class but the entire QT along with another QT's tuition fee of $8,000 all because of 3 points. Now once you "fail" a class once that is your only chance your next grade under a 78 YOU ARE OUT OF THE PROGRAM AND YOUR MONEY!!!! there are 7 Qt's total so if you fail once like I did in QT 1 and then fail in QT 6 you are OUT of the program, out about $42,000 and your credits. THEY TELL YOU THEIR CREDITS ARE TRANSFERABLE BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!! I took my loss and ran after the first Qt, and began back again at CCRI. When I met with an advisor and the transcripts person who decides what can be transferred in they only took Comp 1 and Mixed Media out of 8 Qt of classes ( from my prev education there) I am starting all over again working towards a REAL ASSOCIATES DEGREE because NO OTHER SCHOOLS CONSIDER NEIT'S ASSOC DEGREES ACTUAL DEGREES! I am now 26 years old and $30,000 in debt from student loans, THANKS NEIT if you go to their new school in east greenwich you will see where all the tuition money really goes, to the flat screen TVs hanging on the walls as you walk in to tell you what the weather is, to the $500 chairs that the staff sit in, yeah SCREW YOU NEIT
  2. shaniam326

    Starting Nursing Program at NewEngland Tech March 2011

    thanks so much for the reply! My advisor just called me as well to clarify things. Luckily I have a friend in the program that will be done this December and she gave me lots of tips and understanding of the program, im excited to start this journey!!!
  3. I was recently accpeted into NewEngland Tech's Nursing Program, I start March 28th 2011. I graduated from this school as a Clincal Medical Assistant in 2007 and had a job right away, making pretty good money. After reading comments/opinions on the school I am feeling a little hesitant. It was expensive when I graduated in 2007 and I assumed it would be for the Nursing program as well but this is not my problem, Some people say the school is not accredited but I have read that IT IS. I want to know I will be a REGISTERED NURSE when I complete the required schooling at NEIT, also I wasnt to happy when they told me my "math" credits from their school is only good for 3 years and my science for 10, therefore I would have to take and repay for my math credits from this school?