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    I second the comments from Gadget. The pedi office my niece goes to has Adns and even a few Lpns. My sister has an ADN & has worked ICU. I have an LPN and have been looking at RN schools. My biggest reason for wanting an ADN vs cert is that I'm planning on relocating out west. Every job I would want, all say strongly prefer or want ADN or higher. The Don at my facility told me, if she has to decide between 2 RNs with equal experience and one with an ADN the other has a Cert. Unless she is really familiar with the school, she'll always take the ADN. Of course that's a psyche place, a hospital might be a different story. Additionally, my Lpn instructors (2 of them started their career with RN certs) encouraged us to choose ADN over cert program. Their rationale was if you go on from RN to BSN you are likely to get accepted more readily if you have a ADN. Maybe if you are going to stay in New England and can reap the benefit of St Joe's rep and don't want to wait centuries for a spot on CCRI's wait list, then St. Joe's is OK. Even so I'd hate to spend 3 years getting a cert to get my RN, when I can go 2 years, get an ADN and have more upside for the future. Lastly Nclex-rn pass rate at St Joe's only 81% class of 2009 (http://www.health.ri.gov/data/2008-2010NursingExamPassRates.pdf) Maybe they did not change curriculum quickly enough to keep pace with Nclex changes?? Hopefully their 2010 class did better. Just my two cents. FYI I'm from Mass