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  1. sallydee101

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    1. before you sign....ask to see the schedule of classes. I was told we have different times...once in verry little flexability. My job then had no flexability.
  2. sallydee101

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    Ffranco I went summer before last, and found it over whleming working full time. 2 weeks in I had surgery had to drop out. I am back at ccri. I am a LPN so getting in the program at ccri is faster.I have all a's at ccri with one c I got in a summer anatomy class I am retaking.(yep they are right dont take it in the summer). Due to health reasons in 2 weeks I was struggling there...and never had issues before. There is no flexability in classes you take them when offered when I was there, so working nights was an issue with me as I could not get to 8 am classes from work.If you arnt working, dont have kids, or a life, and can give all your time to the program it is a great program. My other beef....once you attend one class and drop you are responsible for the entire semesters bill.I have over 5 grand owed for a semester I went for 2 weeks. again I think it is a great program to get it done fast, but you have to go full time and no flexability in class times. I did my LPN in a nother state set up the same way and knew how it would go jsut sudden surgry blew it for me. Minorities....I do not think this is an issue, classes are smaller so less people but there were a varried selection of people in my class. If you go I have books from that semester email me and I will gladly share. they might be an older eddition.
  3. sallydee101

    The first day off after 12's

    I think it is normal. The gals who pull the day Baylor say the same thing. I work as a LPN on a 60 bed LTC unit Baylor..(love it)..my two 12 hour 7p to 7a shifts are a lot of the time 14 hours.. Monday I am zombied even after sleeping. My body hurts. I have started going to a gym and feel my endurance is better at work but come monday dont ask mommas taxi to go anywhere.By tuesday I can play catch up in the house and feel normal.But then Tuesday I have class....
  4. sallydee101

    Not a real nurse?

    I am on acute psy unit. The very nurses who say " we are not real Nurses, have a easy job, do nothing ect..." have a fit if pulled to our unit and then are scared to go out behind the nurses station. So ask them...we need a nurse on our shift want to transfer.....normally stops them in their tracks.
  5. sallydee101

    New England Tech in Warwick, RI

    I find this intresting as seasoned LPN who has worked pulmonary step down, med surg, a travel nurse, ED, long term care, ect and now in acute psy setting. I am choosing NETECH for the speed. This is a long time goal put off by raisng children and being a caregiver to my spouce for years who passed away with huntingtons disease two years ago. The reason of my choice for NET is simple I like the program, the speed, convience and class size. If I finish in 2 years and on the higher end of the pay scale it will take 2 years to make the difference up in what I paid for school. While CCRI, RIC,URI ect......those schools with long waiting list I would still be in class . If your young, mom still paying your way yes go the BA route. Having worked with nurses with educations from all types of backgrounds...you learn, book knowledge is your back ground but until you hit the floor for a few years you realize how little you really know. After a few years it becomes natural, you move then think. In pulmonary stepdown we dealt with vents and codes almost daily, and you need the ability to react with a second nature. We dreaded a new grad witha BA so little schooling in patient care compared to other programs. A LPN does 18 hours of clinical a week in my home state for 13 months with only 3 weeks off in that time for breaks. The AD program did that much in 2 years.....the BA were strong in management but weak in patient care.
  6. sallydee101

    Psychiatric Nursing?

    I work on an acute psy floor within the VA system and love my job. Our patients range for severe ptsd, dementria, depression, SI and HI drug detox and schiz. to name a few. So we take in all kinds. I work.....wish it was easy. I do am meds, many prns, CIWA's for detox, chart on each pt nightly and dressings and total care.......and redirect and redirect...break up fights, cry over sad stories, and deal with frequent flyers by first name. 70% of my patients are homeless. I have learned so much in this setting and love the human mind. Love giving to those, no one else wants to or family just can't do it anymore. off to work....
  7. sallydee101

    Jackson State

    Hi there, Jackson state in has a verry large competion for ther spots...... I think I was told around 350 applicants who quailify appied last year........they accept less than 50. So make sure you r the top of the class. They do have a 100% board pass rate year before last.........not sure on this years. I live in jackson, work angency work in memphis.........as an LPN, pay rate here stinks.......11 bucks an hour to start as a lpn at the local hospital. I am getting ready to go back for my RN.....just not sure which route to go. Diane
  8. sallydee101

    Whats the deal with Michigan

    I wanted to reply to your post. I am a nurse and married to a victim of huntingtons disease. My husband is 45 in a behavoral nursing home in tennessee. There are several homes just for huntingtons PTs..........in NY, Fl and connectic I believe. I considered transfering him but our insurance will not pay out of state. I noticed the post on replaceing walls.........yep my sheet rock still shows the signs of his falls. But the physical movements like a fish.....often called a dance.......you can deal with. It is what it does to the brain.......the late mid stage is terrible, there is no reasonsing, a dematuring, a mind still there but unabel to back down.......yet he tells me when to change the oil and what kind of tires to buy. My gentle kind husband has turned into a nurses night mare. Just last week another resident turned the tv off, he slugged this guy 2 times in the face. no family history of the disease when we first tried to figure out what was wrong.........now we do. Never labled huntingtons but the movements are talked about from older family memebers. Get info at HDSA.org I think or............ huntingtons society of america. There are nation wide networks, my close friends are now in our internet support group for caregivers, there are meetings all over the usa, also center of excellance at many major hospitals.......these often have social workers who will send someone to speak to your staff. I have done this. When i have hd patients......i sit and talk to them, maybe read to them if they are far along.........see they understand cant express...and yes cause of my hubby I cry when I leave. Another life destroyed.......so often they are alone because of the illness they have ran off all friends and most of there family. The dedicated remain. I go, take him candy, and talk......I am dedicated to his care the man I love is gone. .......his shell remains. I am a married widdow..... diane in tennessee