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It seems almost unreal: in six days, I will don my scrubs, put my name badge on, and go to work at the nursing home like I have almost every weekend since last July. I will pass meds, listen to... Read More

  1. by   ANnot4me
    What a well written post. I congratulate you and wish you the best in your future. Simply put, as carers we receive little care from our employers, our co-workers and our communities. However, we do receive an over-abundance of patronising statements. For me, hearing "I don't know how you do it" and "you are an angel" have worn out their welcome. I am a person and I was not born a nurse. I studied hard and long and sacrificed a great deal due to shift work and being set-up to fail in most every nursing job I have ever accepted. I, too, have moved on and I have no regrets. Nursing at the bedside took much more than I had to give. I took abuse from my co-workers, my mangers, patients and families that led me to the brink of total and utter depression.
  2. by   NurseDirtyBird
    Now you get to spend your "semi-retirement" making other nurses quake in their Danskos. Good luck Viva!
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from amoLucia
    The only problem with that idea is that it's considered a possible conflict of interest. To my knowledge, the higher uppers do not schedule surveyors to visit sites where there might be a such a problem.

    A bad facility could then challenge a poor survey if there were a chance of being improper.

    Let them get their lumps when they can't argue them!

    To Viva - best of wishes, personally & professionally.
    Thank you! This is indeed true. I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but in my state, a surveyor who previously worked in a given facility within the past 2-3 years cannot survey that facility. I also will be trained only in SNF/ICF, so I won't be going back to the ALF at any time.

    I really appreciate all the kind words, everyone. I think I'll be good in this job, and having been in the trenches for so many years, I know I'll be fair.
  4. by   iluvivt
    Merry Christmas and may I say the warmest "Thank You" for all the patients that you have dedicated yourself to for so many years! As a long time nurse I know the hard work and dedication it takes.
  5. by   txredheadnurse
    You know I have been Team Marla from the get-go. I must confess that every time I encourage you I am encouraging myself at the same time. After 39 years and more health issues than there is time to list them I am still in the biz but definitely needing to move back into a non clinical position. Ths current job has reminded me all too well why I simply can't tolerate being on call and having to dance to the tune of non medical folks trying to make nursing decisions.

    So attagirl Marla and hey atta girl me.
  6. by   changed
    I'm new to civilian nursing, but I totally get it. Good for you Viva!! I feel like life is much too short to be miserable. Good Luck and thank you for all the quality nursing I'm sure you put in for all those years. Happy Trails
  7. by   SC_RNDude
  8. by   gettingbsn2msn
    Nursing is rapidly changing and many of us do not like what we are seeing!
  9. by   BSNbeauty
    I wish you the best Viva!!! You'll always be a nurse at heart
  10. by   Ruas61
    Surveyor? Yummy! I would like to do this too!
  11. by   Nursecathy123ca
    After burning out of hospital and home health nursing, I am now a State surveyor! My goal is to be fair in judgment and always, always kind in demeanor.
    Benefits? 40-hour workweek, regular hours, low pay but good benefit package. And no more weekend shifts!
    And my team never forgets that we are patient advocates.
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  12. by   cherryames1949
    Merry Christmas Viva. Here's wishing you all of the best as you embark on your new adventure. Best of luck in the New Year and beyond. I hope you know that you are a treasure!
  13. by   Fuzzy
    Congrats. I'm thinking of going towards the dark side also...into human medicine. The pet euthanasia really takes a toll on me. We see a lot of it this time of year. At least I won't be killing patients however I will miss the animals and their people should I leave. I did talk to voc. rehab. Alas since I'm a success story I do not qualify for retraining.


    Are there cookies and cocoa of the human side? We just have dog biscuits and catnip on this side.

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