What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

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    What age did you comeplete your BSN or ASN?

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  2. Poll: What age did you complete your BSN or ASN

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    BSN- 34
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    I started a year of pre-requisites for my ADN at 25. I graduated at 28.
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    BSN - 36
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    ADN- 35
    Will hopefully have BSN after 36th b-day
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    ADN: 21, BSN: 42

    Cool math huh? Don't recommend this interval BTW.
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    BA 22
    ASN 37
    not sure if I'm going to get my BSN-- I'm being "strongly encouraged" but I'm 40 and don't feel like going back to school.
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    BSN 23. Would have been 22 but I took a medical LOA my sophomore year of college.
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    ADN--23. BSN still pending. I'm 34 and have two semesters left, but I'm taking a break because I have a new baby...with working and five kids total something had to give. At least for a while.
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    23 ADN, you?

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