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  1. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    3 Couplets, too much?

    Thank you so much for all the feedback! We never have a decdicated APGAR nurse from mom/baby and their team lead or resource person usually takes patients. We have a closed nursery (only staff allowed in) so when there is a baby in the nursery a staff member must be in the nursery until it is empty. When we only have 2 mom/baby nurses on nights it makes it hard for them to make it to an APGAR especially when one of them is stuck in the nursery. That also means there is no one to answer call lights when the other nurse is over on L&D! We keep 2 labor nurses on nights and 1 scrub nurse (scrub nurse is not labor trained). I have thought about asking our managers if the labor nurses could be trained to do APGARS but I'm pretty sure my coworkers would kill me í ½í¸µ I think the issue could be solved by giving mom/baby a tech on nights..or better yet an RN with a CLC!! I know it's just a dream but I really do think mom/baby is struggling, the morale is so low and the turnover high. Hopefully if we continue to press the issue management might give in.
  2. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    3 Couplets, too much?

    Our hospital has recently started using a new staffing grid and it has our mom/baby nurses in a panic. I have never worked in postpartum or routine nursery (only L&D) so I'm not sure what it's like to take on a 6 patient load. Is 3 couplets per RN an unreasonable amount? I'm pretty sure the standard is 4 couplets, right? Our mom/baby unit does not have a tech or aide and is responsible to do all blood draws, hearing tests and help with breastfeeding as we do not have a dedicated CLC. They are also responsible to send one RN to attend our routine deliveries and give APGRS. This can take from 30 mins to 1 hour. Recently they have been refusing to take our postpartum patients once they've been recovered citing the fact that they are "too busy" even though under the new grid they should be able to accept a new admission. We do have a high nurse turn over rate and many of the nurses on mom/baby are new grads or have less than one year of experience. I am a member of UNC and want to make sure that I am advocating for my coworkers if this really is an unreasonable patient load with all the tasks they are responsible for. Any feedback would be appreciated! Ps-We are a small hospital and do about 100 deliveries a month.
  3. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    What state should I apply in as a new grad?

    Have you looked into jobs in North Dakota? There are not any mountains here and the winters can be rather long (I'm originally from Florida). The people up here are so friendly, the nicest in the country maybe. The oil boom has brought an increase to housing prices but rental prices have dropped a bit due to over supply. Most hospitals will let you choose which unit you would like to be on (even as a new grad). Many are offering sign on bonuses. Hope this is helpful :)
  4. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Scrub Nurse

    At my hospital new grads train into the "scrub role" for one year before we start doing labor. I set up the delivery carts and pass instruments/suture to the physician, scrub for c-sections (just like a scrub tech), circulate/recover c-sections and take care of moms from the the time of delivery until they are moved to mom/baby. Do you have this type of position at your hospital? I'm thinking this type of position is only used at small or rural hospitals.
  5. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    New Grad...should i stick with nursing?

    I was a new grad who looked for a job for almost a year after I got my license. I know I was a bit rusty when I got to my unit but such a large part of nursing is learned on the job. I had some really crappy clinical rotations in school. Watching crabby, over worked nurses on short staffed unit left a bad taste in my mouth. I was terrified that I would end up burned out too. Not all hospitals are like the ones you did your rotations at! I love my unit and my coworkers. It's nothing like what I had feared. Sometimes you just have to dive in head first and give it all you have!! You might love it and you might not..but if you don't try how will you know?
  6. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    If you werent a nurse, what other career would you do?

    I would want to be a wedding planner and own my own venue..I've got it all planned out (on Pinterest)
  7. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Maternal assisted cesarean birth

    I could maybe..maybe see this happening for a singleton delivery..but twins? How is she going to help grab the second baby while she's trying to hang onto the first baby flat on her back? Usually with twins we are in a bit of a rush trying to get both babies out, get cord segments and cord blood. How will you keep the infants warm in the freezing OR? What about the sterile feild? What about the drape? Who is going to glove her and when? I think I would have her sign a consent that she is aware of the increased risk of infection and ask your scrub techs how they would go about the process. Very interesting topic, please let us know what happens!
  8. One day I was in the check out line at Walmart chatting with my friend. I was telling her I wish we could have gotten pink highlights in our hair for breast cancer awareness month (not possible because of nursing school) and the woman in front of us tells us it's also infant loss awareness month. Then she tells me she lost her 3 month old son to SIDS the previous year. I could tell she really just wanted to talk about it so I just let her go ahead. She had 3 other children and wanted to have her "tubes untied" to try for another. Apparently they had their son cremated and planned on spreading his ashes in a lake behind Univeral Studios (where she and he husband work). After about 20 mins we parted ways. My friend was horrified that I'd let the conversation go on that long and that a complete stranger would share such a personal story with me.
  9. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Newborn Nanny, Should I Return to School for Nursing at 48??

    Have you considered becoming a certified lactation councilor or even an IBCLC? Some hospitals hire CLCs PRN. I think most would want you to have your RN though. You seem so passionate about being hands on with moms/babies..which is wonderful..but I wonder if you know how much time nurses are actually able to spend with patients. You'll be doing assessments, passing meds, calling doctors, reviewing lab results, discharging patients and charting..a lot of charting. Not to say that you won't be doing all the things you enjoy about your current job but you'll also be doing a lot more!
  10. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    L/D RN learning to scrub for c/sec

    I circulate and scrub for sections. At my hospital new hires spend the first 2 weeks back in the OR scrubbing in with a scrub tech. After those first 2 weeks we only scrub PRN so I have gone 1-2 months without scrubbing a case. I would say I'm compitant but I'm not able to anticipate like the scrub techs do. I would tell your supervisor that you want to scrub/observe 6-8 sections with a scrub tech before you come off orientation. You can also ask to have access to an instrument tray..that way you can learn the instruments and practice clamping and unclamping them. Good luck!!
  11. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Urgent Csection

    I scrub and circulate for c-sections so I've been on both sides. I would have made the same call you did..if there is ANY doubt an x-ray is the only solution. I wish you would have had more help in the OR. Another nurse could have found heart tones while you did the count or the other way around. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry the 1st assist will do the first count with the scrub. When I'm scrubbing I also leave all the suture casings on the table..that way I know what suture I've used and how many.
  12. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Still jobs for new grads/ADNs?

    Last year I moved from Florida to Bismarck, ND. I was hired as a new grad with just a phone interview. Our hospital is always short staffed. The turn over rate is high. You might not be able to pick which unit you want to work on but I'm sure they would allow you to transfer units if needed. I've heard TCU and Medsurg are always looking. Mom/baby is probably looking too. We just hired 3 new grads to L&D. My advice would be to call human resources and speak with the hiring manager. Everyone is super friendly up here and I'm sure they wouldn't mind answering your questions.
  13. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    "old" new grad

    Like previous poster said the weather up here is harsh but the opportunities are endless. Pay isint amazing for new grads $22.79 at my hospital but you can pick the unit you would like to be on and there are tons of opportunities for overtime.it just depends how desperate you are
  14. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    L&D Jobs Summer 2014

    Pretty much anywhere in North Dakota. I was hired on a L&D floor as an old new grad.
  15. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    "old" new grad

    Hey, I just moved from Florida to North Dakota. I was an 1 year old grad with an ASN. The opportunities up here are endless because of the oil boom and the fact (let's face it) that this isn't the most comfortable place to live. However, they hire new grads to all departments except the ER and the people up here are super friendly. If you are considering Washington why not go a few states over? The longer you wait the harder it is! Good luck to you :)
  16. xoxJanexoxDoexox

    Au pair with full time RN job?

    Did you try care.com or sittercity? It's not an agency but you can post exactly what you are looking for and you might be able to find someone local who fits your needs. Good luck :)

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