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Get off the Pedestal with the whole BSN vs ADN thing. A fact this is overlooked is that ADN does the same job as BSN and passes the NCLEX. Everyone then cried ADN is uneducated blah blah. WHY dont we look at the 4 year... Read More

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    AND....I work in L.A. where Spanish is REQUIRED or PREFERRED for almost ALL nursing jobs!
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    The reality is that BSN have better career opportunities, so you can either accept that or accept non-advancement in your career. If you want a career that is good and well paid, you would want that profession to have higher educational requirements.

    I do agree that the general electives (language, world history, arts) are not worth the money. Most of them are simply useless but cost $3-4k each. They don't necessarily improve your critical thinking, and employers know this. So many BS grads completely lack writing and critical thinking skills. At the end of the day, those skills depend heavily on the person and not how many elective courses he/she takes. At best, those courses give students a very shallow survey of that topic.

    I imagine that the core BSN courses (e.g. advanced health promotion & assessment or evidence based practice) are useful. They might not be entirely useful at first, but will be applicable further in your career.
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    Quote from HouTx
    Hmm - so are you going to ignore the increasing amount of research that links > BSN% staff with better patient outcomes? (American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Creating a More Highly Qualified Nursing Workforce) I realize that this is an emotional issue for some, but critical thinking should not stop at the bedside.
    MunroRN posted "BSN As Entry In To Practice: Why We Decided Against It" in this forum recently. He/she relates a review of the evidence and conclusions drawn in regard to one particular often quoted study.
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    This post is embarrassing to all nurses.
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    Quote from mclennan
    AND....I work in L.A. where Spanish is REQUIRED or PREFERRED for almost ALL nursing jobs!
    I find this disturbing since I live in America where the language spoken is English.
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    Quote from DUDERNGUY
    Universites need there money and they dont like ADNs getting the jobs BSNs are getting for a fraction of the cost. Universities have paid, persuaded, and convinced hospitals to go magnet and it is not because 4 year nurses are better.

    IF universities ever decide to stop the worthless pre reqs and uni requirements then maybe one day a BSN nurse would have a true advantage.

    There is a true advantage is being able to articulate one's thoughts. I don't be to come across as combative, but your post is rife with spelling and gramatical errors--- the very kind of thing, perhaps, that would be corrected by a worthless 'pre-req.' Is writing eloquently going to help you be a better nurse? Maybe not obviously, but it is the kind of thing that leads to management positions, ect.
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    Quote from mombabyRN96
    I find this disturbing since I live in America where the language spoken is English.
    . There is no official language in the United States.
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    Here we go again... Is this possibly the most discussed topic on allnurses? Yes. Does anyone on either side of the issue ever changes their mind about the subject by reading other users posts here? No. Should we agree to atop spamming this board with this go nowhere discussion? I think so.
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    Currently, I am attending RN-BSN program and I fully endorse your view. I told one of the professors that why doesn't the school tell me how mucy money they'll make off me while I take all these irrelevant classes and I'll pre-pay in full. She penalized me with a grade of her choice.
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    Who really wants an educated nurse? Not me, baby.....I want the most ignorant fool the hospital can manage to hire to take care of my loved ones. I don't care if the moron has an ADN or BSN, the most important thing is that they spout useless rants full of erroneous information.

    Wonder if I just found my dream nurse!
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