Could someone of average IQ become an ADN nurse?

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    In your opinion, do I hold a chance at becoming a nurse with an IQ of 105, and a strong work ethic?

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    IQ doesn't have much to do with it. If you have a strong work ethic as you mentioned and are willing to put the time into studying for classes and apply yourself you should be fine. And don't feel because of you "average" IQ that you can't do a BSN program. If ADN is what is right for you because of where you are in life that is fine, but don't limit yourself just because of your IQ
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    IQ means little. Tutors if you feel the need. Don't limit yourself because you percieve yourself to be "average". College is different, has a number of levels, everyone has their strenghs, weakness, likes and dislikes. Good luck!
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    No, you need at least a 145.
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    Most people take some quick 10 minute IQ test online and take it way too seriously. I would recommend if anything to take one of the 2-3 hour tests. And even then, most aren't really accurate to determine how bright you are.
    My answer to your question is that it all depends on you. If you work hard and are determined to succeed, the sky's the limit.
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    IQ tests are not identifiers of who would be great in one career path over another. If this is what you want to do then run with it.
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    Absolutely. Many of the nurses I know have apparent IQs of about that.

    It's more about a willingness to work hard and attention to detail.
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    Who even gives IQ tests? I have never had one? I can believe asking about PSAT and SAT scores, or what your GPA was. Is this a serious question or a gag?
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    Exactly. "IQ" is about as up to date as "VD"
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