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Hello! I am planning to apply to nursing school in the fall and I am concerned because I was recently told that ADNs cannot work in a hospital. I live in Sacramento, CA. Any one in this area familiar with this? I have my... Read More

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    I just wish it was an option to use my BSN in the hosptial because they won't hire me over the new grads. I was a CNA in 1995 got my LPN in 1998, RN-ASN in 2004, BSN in 2010. I have only briefly worked in the hospital and despised working LTC so didn't really have a good record at it, now I am paying the price because as a Case Manager for 6yrs I cannot get back to do bedside nursing to get a leg up for FNP or DNP.

    BSN doesn't cost $60k you have to shop around.

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    Hey! I noticed you're in Indy. I am too and am looking at Ivy Tech's ASN program- where did you do your schooling for LPN? Do you know if it still seems like a decent market for SENd? I was accepted to an ABSN program, but it is way too expensive!

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