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  1. Morainey

    Transferring between VAs

    Hi everyone, This question is for those who have transferred between VAs. After applying and getting an interview, how long does it usually take to hear back?? A lot is riding on this job offer (if it ever comes) and I feel like it's taking forever!
  2. Morainey

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Does anyone know exactly how to do the VACO appeal? I'm trying to get Level II. I basically touched up on my letter from my original appeal for the dimensions that I missed. My manager hasn't really offered any advice and I'm not positive on how to proceed. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  3. Morainey

    What's wrong with me??

    Sounds like the regular old learning curve to me. Even a seasoned nurse starting in a new place can be confused by the order systems and procedures. I had to learn to draw blood at my current job. I used to dread it but now I actually enjoy drawing blood more than starting IVs. Practice is key.
  4. Morainey

    You've Got To Be Kidding Me

    Good for them!! I think this is great. The questions are awkward to ask at first but then they just become part of the assessment.
  5. Morainey

    Event Nursing

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience volunteering in an event situation, like a concert, marathon, or music festival, in the medical tent? I'm thinking about volunteering but my IV skills are fair and I'm not sure I'd do great trying to start IVs on people who are dehydrated. If anybody would like to describe their experience that would be great. Thanks! PS - this is in RN capacity. And the site is supervised by an MD
  6. Morainey

    Using phones as a sitter-thoughts?

    Okay... I'm talking about someone literally watching TV episodes on their phone while they're assigned to be watching a patient and protecting that patient from harm such as dislodging lines or getting up unassisted. I don't think that's acceptable. Would you want a lifeguard at the beach your family is at to be browsing their phone while they're supposed to monitor people in the water? I don't expect anyone to literally sit and stare at a patient for with hours straight with no distraction or break. However I have a reasonable expectation that people pay attention to the job that they're doing.
  7. Morainey

    Using phones as a sitter-thoughts?

    I agree with above reasoning - I think it's unprofessional to sit on one's phone. A phone for some reason seems more engaging than a book or a Kindle or homework. I've been a sitter and I know it can be agonizingly boring, but we have a CNA who will literally watch Dr. Phil episodes on her phone and ignore the patient. When you walk by in the hallway she's totally engrossed in her phone, not even looking at or paying attention to the patient. And this is during a busy shift! She's been spoken to multiple times but it keeps happening. It just leaves a bad impression IMO. However, in the middle of the night in the dark is a different story and your supervisor seems like they're being unnecessarily harsh, unless your facility has a zero tolerance for phones? FWIW my work environment is fairly phone friendly but most nurses leave their phones at the nursing station while doing patient care.
  8. Morainey

    Hospice patient and vitals

    I probably wouldn't have told them that you hadn't gotten around to it yet. I think there are other really good suggestions on this thread for responses - such as explaining that a thermometer or BP cuff can be invasive or painful, or that frequent VS monitoring isn't indicated. Family members sometimes need to make their voices heard as part of their coping process. It's difficult to watch a loved one when you know the inevitable is coming, and some people handle it differently than others. Whenever my stepfather was in the hospital, his daughter would make the biggest stink - harassing the nurses and second guessing their every move. And she's a nurse herself!! I'll never understand some people.
  9. Hi there, Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of what they wrote for their Level II proficiency under Performance? I'm really struggling here! It reads: "Evaluates practice of self and others using professional standards, relevant statutes, and regulations. Takes action to improve performance". I'm thinking that maybe providing feedback to nurse residents that I precept might be an example of this?? I'm also thinking maybe when I contacted my manager about how we all hated the new IV catheters and she arranged an inservice. Any advice, please let me know!! Thanks!!
  10. Morainey

    What's to complain about?

    I'm so sick of these threads, complaining about not getting paid enough. I think my job is frustrating and exasperating sometimes, my assignment is too heavy, my patient or that doctor didn't ask how MY day was going, charting takes forever. But you know what? I'm still getting paid. I'm getting paid a lot for an associate's degree nurse. I am not volunteering my time and I'm not some benevolent saint. So you don't make as much money as some rando. I bet you make a lot more money than a lot of other people do.
  11. Morainey

    HELP! I can't decide where to work?!

    I would work on med-surg. It's a good foundation, and I find it somewhat unlikely that they would hire a new grad directly to step down or the OR, even if you already work in that healthcare system. It's an exciting time. Good luck :)
  12. Morainey

    Causes of losing your license?

    Lots of narcotic diversion and stealing from patients in my neck of the woods. It's been awhile since I looked but no one lost their license for forgetting to cut a metoprolol in half.
  13. Morainey

    Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    I knew it was too good to be true!
  14. Morainey

    Advice new to med surg/organizing shift & what gear

    I like the Z-grip pens. I basically like click pens because I can shove them in my pocket or clip them on my clipboard. I always bring a highlighter and dry erase marker as well, and a pair of Kelly clamps. I carry scissors also.
  15. Morainey

    What do you do to protect yourself on floor?

    Wash your hands. Like all the time. I try to stay beyond arm's length - you never know. I picked up an awful GI bug from work recently and it was just the worst.