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Morainey is a BSN, RN and specializes in Orthopedic, LTC, STR, Med-Surg, Tele.

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  1. Morainey

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Does anyone know exactly how to do the VACO appeal? I'm trying to get Level II. I basically touched up on my letter from my original appeal for the dimensions that I missed. My manager hasn't really offered any advice and I'm not positive on how to proceed. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  2. Hi there, Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of what they wrote for their Level II proficiency under Performance? I'm really struggling here! It reads: "Evaluates practice of self and others using professional standards, relevant statutes, and regulations. Takes action to improve performance". I'm thinking that maybe providing feedback to nurse residents that I precept might be an example of this?? I'm also thinking maybe when I contacted my manager about how we all hated the new IV catheters and she arranged an inservice. Any advice, please let me know!! Thanks!!
  3. Morainey

    What's to complain about?

    I'm so sick of these threads, complaining about not getting paid enough. I think my job is frustrating and exasperating sometimes, my assignment is too heavy, my patient or that doctor didn't ask how MY day was going, charting takes forever. But you know what? I'm still getting paid. I'm getting paid a lot for an associate's degree nurse. I am not volunteering my time and I'm not some benevolent saint. So you don't make as much money as some rando. I bet you make a lot more money than a lot of other people do.
  4. Morainey

    HELP! I can't decide where to work?!

    I would work on med-surg. It's a good foundation, and I find it somewhat unlikely that they would hire a new grad directly to step down or the OR, even if you already work in that healthcare system. It's an exciting time. Good luck :)
  5. Morainey

    Causes of losing your license?

    Lots of narcotic diversion and stealing from patients in my neck of the woods. It's been awhile since I looked but no one lost their license for forgetting to cut a metoprolol in half.
  6. Morainey

    Nurses Week 2015 Freebies

    I knew it was too good to be true!
  7. Morainey

    Always Complaints, Never an Attaboy

    YES. YES YES YES. One of my coworkers who has worked with us for less than a year remarked the other day that morale was really low on our unit. This is exactly why... we only ever get feedback if we're doing something wrong.
  8. Morainey

    You did not just do that?!

    Ugh, how unprofessional! I would be so upset if I heard someone talking to a patient that way. Fortunately the only gaffe I can think of is when I said "I think your mom is waiting outside" to a patient (in her 50s or 60s if I recall) and she said that's my best friend. Ooops.
  9. Morainey

    Would you do this...? Thoughts....

    No way. NG tubes look absolutely miserable. Seems like an extreme thing that I hope doesn't catch on.
  10. Huh! This is interesting to me. We recently had a patient who was the husband of a staff member who dutifully wore her gown and gloves every day, and I couldn't help but think, why? When they go home together they're not going to be on precautions. This one has always stumped me. I understand the idea behind not giving all the patients ROs but what about family members who are full time caretakers for that person who are visiting only that patient?
  11. Morainey


    I think that it is totally normal. Sometimes you need to take that whole first day to decompress from the work week.
  12. I tend to ramble on, lose track of my story and add a million pointless details, and then end all of my sentences with "....so...." I hear myself doing it and it makes me crazy!! I can't believe I'm gainfully employed sometimes!
  13. ... gossiping ... complaining about who is going to take this admission ... making patients feel they're inconveniencing you ... interrupting me while I'm passing meds or teaching a patient ... leave me nasty, crusty IVs to clean and restart ... using all the syringes in the med room and then unhelpfully leaving the empty box on the container to signal to everyone that we're out Oh jeez, i got confused, I thought this was the old "things you wish you could tell your co-workers" thread!
  14. Morainey

    Expressing gratitude and appreciation to co-workers

    Saying "thank you for all of your hard work today" definitely goes a long way! It's good to give AND receive!!!
  15. Morainey

    Please Start!

    Please START calling the doc with abnormal labs! Let's not wait til the K or the H&H or Mg is CRITICAL before we place a call!!!
  16. Morainey

    What do you say when calling out sick?

    It doesn't matter if you always have a great attitude and are never late, that only goes so far. If I called out every time I woke up and my throat felt scratchy or had a headache or maybe should have skipped the second glass of wine last night, I'd be out of a job and I think a lot of other people would be too.