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Does anyone have any suggestions or examples of what they wrote for their Level II proficiency under Performance? I'm really struggling here! It reads:

"Evaluates practice of self and others using professional standards, relevant statutes, and regulations. Takes action to improve performance".

I'm thinking that maybe providing feedback to nurse residents that I precept might be an example of this?? I'm also thinking maybe when I contacted my manager about how we all hated the new IV catheters and she arranged an inservice.

Any advice, please let me know!! Thanks!!

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Hi, do a YouTube search for NOVA which is the VA nurses organization. They have some videos that will help you when writing your proficiency for nurse 1 lev 3 to nurse 2. Also, you can write it and submit it to them and they will give you feedback on it. Hope this helps and good luck.

For a Nurse II, you must demonstrate that you have impacted outcomes at a unit level in each area using specific examples and references. Are you able to do that? If not, then your time is better spent changing this versus reading someone else's proficiency. Get involved in a committee, work on a project that you're passionate about, etc.

Using the OP's example of evaluation of self and others using professional standards, here is an example of what she might write.

"According to the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, Standard 6 states that the registered nurse must evaluate progress toward the attainment of outcomes. As the unit falls champion, I helped to evaluate the effectiveness of our fall prevention initiatives in several ways. First, I implemented a tracking board that indicated the number of days since the last fall; this promoted immediate feedback to my peers about the effectiveness of our prevention efforts. Through collaboration with our IT department, I was able to create a daily report of patients that did not have a recent (i.e., past 24 hours) Morse Falls Scale documented. This list was read each morning during shift huddles to ensure that each of our patients was assessed for fall risk. Finally, I audited 10 charts a week to evaluate whether fall interventions (e.g., leaf sign on door, red socks, bed or chair alarm) were implemented for high-risk patients. I provided a report of my findings at monthly staff meetings and followed up individually to coach peers who were not compliant. These efforts reduced our falls rate by 34% over a six-month period.

I think precepting is a great example. Include your assessments of what the nurses didnt know, what your plans were to solve their knowledge deficit, and your evaluation of your efforts. I would be careful about the IV catheter example because going to Nurse 2 is all about making an impact on the unit. If your manager did the inservice, she made the impact, not you.

My manager said to cite examples and clearly state what you did, who you did it for, and what was the outcome. The hard part for me is--they ask very vague questions and want exact answers. But yes, being a preceptor is big. And Nurse II is "all about us as a unit" contrasted with Nurse I which is "all about me as a developing RN." Here is a good Webinar someone else suggested:

I have been a full time RN at the Minneapolis VA for 16 years, and 12 of them on step-down with heart monitors, 11 1/2 years as sometimes-charge nurse. I still don't have my Nurse II. I am a good nurse and a great team player. Some people blame my supervisor but other people have gotten their nurse II under her. So maybe my advice is useless. Good luck to you!

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Another thing that might help?  Write up an IDP with your goals, project when you hope to achieve  very important!  Make sure your nurse manager signs it!  Then annual review time show what's achieved and progress! I came from a very aligned good old gal tribe.! And made a mistake of whistle blowing.  In the VA whistleblowing?  Certain retaliation where I was.  Looking back?  We Nurses take an oath!  Breach of care patient abuse, over medicated  yup. Would not change one thing!  I know I did the right thing!

Hi I am new to the forum and have read very informative posts regarding VA boarding and proficiency. I am an RN with BSN and have 18 total yrs of experience (9 yrs LPN, 8 yrs ADN, less than 1 yr BSN, and Board Certified). After reading all the posts, I am concerned as to whether I can actually board as a Nurse II going in. Any input about success stories of those who are or were currently in my position would be greatly appreciated. I am presently working on my Nurse II proficiency paper for the VA and was hoping someone would send me a copy of their Nurse II proficiency, so I could determine if I am on the right track. Any help or suggestions will be welcomed!!

SubieRN, Thank you for your response. I've joined committees and worked on group projects. I feel like my problem is expressing these activities in the proficiency dimensions (specifically the impact portion). I'm hoping some examples , would help me to better accomplish this.

Thank you for the example....

Hey everyone, I have gotten to the part of the VA hiring process where I have to redo my resume for the Nursing Board to determine my salary. I have watched multiple youtube videos and have read tons of documents to try to get what they want to see on this resume. but I am still having a lot of trouble on how exactly to word this. If anyone has an example of a resume I could use or any other advise that would be GREATLY


Can someone please send me examples of nurse 1 level 3 proficiency please!!

Will anyone write my nurse II proficiency for me?? I pay good money lol.....and supply the info. this is so hard!!@

Good afternoon all. So I am new to this whole VA background. And so I was told that I would need to write a proficiency report. I haven't been given specifics yet. I'm a somewhat of a new nurse so I don't know what they would be looking for other than my experience up too now. Can someone explain to me how this works? 

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Did you come in at a Nurse 1 or a 2 with a BSN?

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