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Alison Kirkpatrick RN

Alison Kirkpatrick RN

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Alison Kirkpatrick RN has 25 years experience and specializes in Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy.

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    So one of our veteran nurses has recently challenged the way we document in PACU. There is no current SOP for frequency of documentation, so I have always adhered to the 15 minute rule while in Phase I PACU (meaning I reassess every 15 minutes with the vitals after the initial assessment and vitals q5m x 3.) for recovering generals and minimum of 1 assessment for Phase II. If the patient is unstable of course I would assess more frequently. She also has challenged the way we do assignments, we used to assign a nurse to an OR but some felt it was unfair if some had 5 cataract vs a room full of general surgery, now we alternate according to what time your shift starts. I am not a fan of this because some people manipulate to get a lighter patient load. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, thank you for any help.
  2. Alison Kirkpatrick RN

    VA Proficiency Nurse I to II Assistance

    What is your email address? I will send you the one I wrote when I was approved for nurse 2.
  3. Alison Kirkpatrick RN

    WIG with Promotion for VA nurse

    So I began my career with the VA in 2014. I was brought in as a Nurse I Level 3 Step 13 with 15 years experience as a Pre-Op/PACU/OR/Endoscopy with an ADN. In 2015 I was promoted to Nurse 2. When they promoted me, they reset my WGI date and pushed it out a year. So I did not receive a WGI until 2017. Was this correct? I can find nowhere that they reset your date with a promotion. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Alison Kirkpatrick RN

    VA Nurse II Proficiency Assistance

    Were you ever promoted?
  5. Alison Kirkpatrick RN

    VA Proficiency Nurse I to II Assistance

    I am actually an NPSB board member. Please solicit a board members help when writing. They will not be able to vote after they help you, however, they may be able to help. Some hints, wordy is not better, be to the point. Pretend the people reading it are not nurses and have no idea what you do. They will want you to show outcomes and sustainability. Precepting is great. It is a convoluted, subjective system, I hope one day they replace it. Good luck!

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