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  1. Surg-OncRN

    Nursing burnout suggestions

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. To clarify, this is what my director suggested, and I (staff nurse) am working with him to improve upon what he has already done. Neither of us are experts in nurse burnout, but we are trying to get suggestions from every resource possible (including allnurses) to make the best plan possible.
  2. Surg-OncRN

    Nursing burnout suggestions

    Hi everyone, trying to get a little feedback on how you have improved nurse burnout in your work area. I work at a Veterans Hospital. This is primarily focusing on outpatient in a hospital setting. I am not sure EAP(Employee Assistance Program) is the best resource for some of the actions below. Any suggestions are welcome. Has anyone come at this using the WIN program? If you work in the VA this may make a little more sense. Thanks List specific actions you and/or your team members will take to make progress (must be behavioral) Recognition and reward: Simple recognition and reward activities. Counseling: Employee assistance Program. Request EAP start offering group classes and attend biannual staff meetings to review what EAP has to offer....ie. Stress control classes, healthy eating and exercise. Mentor and buddy programs (Build a support network) - Have nurses pair up to be able to listen/vent to one another How will you ensure that each of these actions are completed? Have each NM identify an employee quarterly to formally recognize. Continue recognition thank you letters for individual good work/deeds. Attend staff meetings quarterly to recognize employees. Have nurse manager keep a log of who has attended EAP programs. Have the nurse manager create a list of who is teamed/paired with another nurse.
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone on the forum has been through USC's(Univ. of South Carolina) MSN in Organizational leadership/Nursing administration program? If so, I had a few questions about it. What is your opinion on the program as far as time commitment, support from instructors, and the overall organization of the program? How much time per week did your courses demand? Basically, anything you can share about the program that would give me an overall idea of time commitments and flexibility would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time,
  4. After 11 years I feel like I am treating symptoms. The system is currently rewarded for patients to be sick not well. Think about it.
  5. Surg-OncRN

    VA nursing and flu vaccine

    My VA just started requiring it as well. I have opted for the mask myself. At least we still have this choice for now.
  6. Surg-OncRN

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    I could not have said it better myself!
  7. Surg-OncRN

    Getting sick more often than ever

    This may seem like an odd question, but how is your weight? This is one thing I am unsure of from reading your post. Trying to get more details on what you mean by "healthy"
  8. Surg-OncRN

    RN starting salary

    I would strongly recommend you get a copy of the nurse pay scale for your va hospital and have them bring you in as a nurse 2 not a nurse 1. They may try to bring you in as Nurse 1 since you have an ADN. The VA pushes the BSN pretty strongly. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
  9. Surg-OncRN

    NP for Missionary

    I would say FNP hands down so you can care for people across the lifespan.
  10. Surg-OncRN

    ANA - Healthy Nurses, Healthy Nation

    I really like this idea and the effort the ANA is putting forward to help nurses be healthy healers. Nurses should lead by example, but unfortunately most are not doing that. I believe you are in control of your health and what happens to you. As nurses we should step up to the plate and be examples of health for the general population. Each individual taking control of their own health is how health care will be fixed, not by Washington.
  11. Surg-OncRN

    Nursing in Ashville

    Asheville is an expensive area in my opinion. I live in Charleston sc and go up there occasionally. You might try Greenville SC. It is a great place, strong economy, more affordable, and it has schools locally for advanced nursing degrees.
  12. Surg-OncRN

    Severe hand eczema

    I feel a lot of sympathy for your situation. You can not stay out of work hoping this will clear up. I would seek out a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor in your area to help you get to the bottom of this. Eczema is healed from the inside - out not from the outside as most dermatologist want to tackle it. Hope this puts you on the path to a solution and best of luck.
  13. Surg-OncRN

    VA Nurse II: Performance Dimension

    Hi, do a YouTube search for NOVA which is the VA nurses organization. They have some videos that will help you when writing your proficiency for nurse 1 lev 3 to nurse 2. Also, you can write it and submit it to them and they will give you feedback on it. Hope this helps and good luck.
  14. Surg-OncRN

    Anderson University 2017 FNP Cohort

    Thanks for the info Sammy! I live in Sc myself and will be applying to fnp programs in 2018. If I may ask, what are the other two programs that did not accept you? Thanks!
  15. Surg-OncRN

    Getting NURSE II at the V.A.

    Here are some great resources on YouTube put out by NOVA the Nurses Organization of Veteran's Affairs. They are videos of how to write your proficiency towards a Nurse 2. In fact, NOVA will help you with it if you send it into them. One of the videos mentions this. I found the first one the most useful. Hope this helps! 1. 2.