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  1. pfchang

    VA tentative offer?

    Be patient. Usually when you get to the point you're at, things will move forward. It can take several months. I'm not saying it will, but it can. Your steps have moved pretty quickly but just hang in there.
  2. pfchang

    VA nursing and flu vaccine

    My VA is requiring vaccine or mask, even in my department where we don't see patients. Patients enter our building by another door and we never see them.
  3. pfchang

    Lpn looking to switch from labor and delivery to the VAMC

    Your CNAs make more than LPNs? Wow, that is not right. Keep in mind the transition from 3 12s to 5 8s can be hard for some people. I'm an RN, not an LPN, so can't speak to pay scales, vacation and such but you will have more holidays with VA. You will also already be in at VA which may be a great thing when you finish your RN. You will have to apply for RN positions but will still have an edge. Some people think going to a clinic is the kiss of death before you have a lot of acute care RN experience. Taking the clinic job may make it harder to get an RN job in acute care when you pass boards. Sorry I cant provide a clear cut take it or not but there are lots of things to think about.
  4. pfchang

    VA hiring

    You should read the VA Hiring Process thread. There are answers to your questions there.
  5. pfchang

    VA Hiring Process

    You should be fine with the offer letter and start date. My usajobs acct was never updated. But you can call the recruiter for reassurance. Congratulations.
  6. pfchang

    New to Ambulatory Clinic

    Your question is far too vague for anyone to help. Do you have a job description?
  7. pfchang

    VA Hiring Process

    Being a vet makes no difference in speed of hire in my facility. More likely, your HR dept has it together.
  8. pfchang

    VA Hiring Process

    I would get on the phone asap with the recruiter. Unless you're in a costly city, the salary you noted would likely be full time w/out differentials. Thats usually hiw VA dies it.
  9. pfchang

    VA Hiring Process

    Call the recruiter and ask. Things take forever at VA. Read back in this thread and you'll see.
  10. pfchang

    Why is the VA asking for my last pay stub?

    Maybe she didn't object and just did it? I would resist on this.
  11. pfchang

    RN starting salary

    It varies widely from VA to VA.
  12. pfchang

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I am really, really happy for you! Congratulations!
  13. pfchang

    Why is the VA asking for my last pay stub?

    As far as I know, this is not standard practice. Your salary is to be based on your responses to the Nine Dimensions of Nursing Practice document that most VAs require. I have heard of some RNs being hired without this but I would call the nurse recruiter involved in your hiring and ask. I have never heard of anyone having to submit a pay stub.
  14. pfchang

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Even when you are a VA employee, it takes weeks and months to get decisions back from the board. It is a terrible process. I encourage you to appeal if they lowball you. I wish I had known to do that.
  15. pfchang

    Subsidized In-home Care?

    Caregiver Eligibility Check - Health Benefits The veteran can contact Social Work for assistance. They can point him/her in the right direction.