Pathophysiology as a pre-req?

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    Hey all...are any of you required or "recommended" to take patho as a pre-req?

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    It's required for the program I applied (Sammuel Merritt University - ABSN program). For some programs, it's not a prerequisite as it's likely a class during the program.
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    It was required for Metro State in Denver and we were able to take it online. As crazy as it sounds, it wasn't as daunting as I was expecting.
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    It's not a ore-req in my program. Once you get accepted there are 2 med surg classes in the second semester which are pretty much pathophys classes.
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    I applied to Salisbury university in Maryland and they require it.
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    For me it is a required prerequisite.
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    In my BSN program patho is one if the first 3 nursing core classes along with pharmacology and fundamentals. We will see in the fall! Eekk!!!
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    My ABSN program required it as a pre-req even though pathophys is covered in both chronic care and acute care. It's been REALLY helpful so far and the class itself wasn't as bad as I though it would be.
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    For the ASN, it is not required. However, the BSN program requires it, so I'm going to take it in between semesters if I get accepted to the ASN program.
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    Patho is a pre req at my school. It's somewhat of a "weeder" class. Requires the use of critical thinking skills. Tough class, the exam questions were insane. The mechanism of the disease process was emphasized heavily as was "creating" drugs to treat diseases. I bombed the first exam but rallied and passed with a B. Whew!

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