Non-Impacted Nursing Schools

  1. California has the largest population of nursing student hopefuls in our region. Some schools have several hundred applicants for as few as 20 or 40 seats. With all of my prerequisites complete and GPA of 3.51 I am considering schools in other states. I can move anywhere since I have no obstacles that would prevent me from moving. The most important things to me in a nursing school is ratio of student / instructor, pass rate of grads on their first NCLEX, tuition, and the RATIO OF SEATS AVAILABLE / APPLICANTS. Please feel free to give me your best suggestions across the nation, either a school that you have attended or one you have heard about. Also include your experience at your school and any other advice you feel would be helpful.

    I am looking for a great school!

    I can go to any US State so don't be shy with your suggestions. AZ, NM, AK, AL FL, WY. Just tell where you believe the choices are.
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  3. by   Kvedaa
    I am a student at Oregon Health and Science University up here in Oregon. There where 250 applicants for 32 seats for my class with an average PREREQ GPA of 3.79. What is your perquisite GPA? If it is above 3.7 with healthcare experience you would have a good chance at a lot of the ADN programs up here and possibly some of the BSN. There is an OHSU campus in ashland so that wouldnt be to far from California, and OHSU was ranked as 7th on 2013 list of BSN programs so it is a great school, most of the BSN and OCNE-ADN programs up here have NCLEX pass rates between 95-100% for 2013.
  4. by   BusiestBSN
    I have heard that Minot State University in freezing Minot, North Dakota does not have a waiting list. Oklahoma City University broadcasts on their website that they do not have a waiting list and they have a low GPA requirement. Southern Nazarene University (also in OK) probably does not either based on what I have read here on AN.
    You will of course have to look into these programs, but these are some options I am familiar with.
  5. by   ShelbyaStar
    Try smaller schools in fairly remote areas. I go to Bemidji State in northern MN and while it's still competitive, I think a 3.5 is fairly ok. I am not sure what the exact stats- I am still keeping mine as high as I can in case I end up wanting to transfer elsewhere.

    I actually looked at OHSU, since I'm originally from OR and would like to move back. The stats on their site are not very encouraging, but like the PP said they do put emphasis on prereqs.
  6. by   muirite
    Be careful where you move some states wont allow an out of state person in to an RN program. Also look at the cost of out of state tuition. Ca has some of the cheapest schools in the country.

    Do you see your self wanting to come home? If you get your RN in many other states you will have take more classes or jump thru a bunch of other hoops to get back to cali. California has programs that are less impacted. Are you looking for ADN or BSN? If ADN i live near LA and yes it is hard here but if you apply for a lot of programs you will have a better chance of getting in to one. I applied at 8 schools got in to 3 and alternate on 2 all in the LA area. I know a lot of people who went out of the major metro areas and were able to get with out all the competitiveness. Look in area like Madera, Palm Springs, Napa, Central Valley, Blyth.......
  7. by   RunBabyRN
    You might consider applying to a lot of community college ADN programs in CA. While they're impacted, they generally accept students on a lottery system, meaning everyone who qualifies basically gets their name drawn out of a hat. You have an equal chance of getting in with everyone else above or below your qualifications that meets the minimum. There are a TON of great community colleges in CA, and the tuition would be FAR less than a university out of state. Plus, as has already been pointed out, many schools are not accepting out of state students (which is good, because most schools in CA are in this group). Cast a wide net, as wide as humanly possible. You'll better your chances that way. I applied to 10 and got into 2.
  8. by   efda2rn
    I have to put in another good word for OR. My community college has reciprocity with neighboring states for in-state tuition costs. All of the ADN programs look at prerequisite grades only, so that might greatly improve the GPA that counts for admission. Several of the Oregon schools have a partnership with OHSU, so you can transition directly to OHSU for your RN-BSN bridge.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Murray State College (Tishomongo, Oklahoma) - the only prerequisite course is chemistry, which can be waived if you took one year of chemistry during your high school years.
  10. by   nolanurse88
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Murray State College (Tishomongo, Oklahoma) - the only prerequisite course is chemistry, which can be waived if you took one year of chemistry during your high school years.
    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong site but I see 30 hours of pre-reqs
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Jess1225
    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong site but I see 30 hours of pre-reqs
    There's Murray State College, then there's Murray State University. Click on the link below to read about the requirements for Murray State College's nursing program, where the only prerequisite course is chemistry:

    Nursing Program Curriculum - * * * * * Murray State College * * * * * * *Nursing Program
  12. by   windsurfer8
    Also...look at cost of living. Places like ND, SD, Nebraska, Wyoming...have low costs of living. That is a huge part of the expense of college. Go remote.
  13. by   Kandy83
    I'm confused on why you want to move. Have you applied to nursing schools before? Your G.P.A seems pretty good to get into plenty of nursing schools. Unless there is something you haven't said in this post. I can understand graduating from a school in California and leaving to get a job out of state.
  14. by   Cuddleswithpuddles
    As of two years ago, Citrus College in Glendora, CA bases their acceptance on prerequisite GPA, then on overall GPA. No waiting list. If you have perfect or near perfect A's in your sciences, you have a high chance of acceptance right away. I could have outdated information though so check with them