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  1. Kandy83

    RANT, sick of certain nurses

    I would suggest not making unnecessary enemies in nursing. I would speak to the nurse that you feel that you hand an issue with first before I go to anyone. Remember respect the chain of command The nurse didn't sound like she was saying anything rude, it's trauma, so don't expect to be treated like a princesses. If someone says something inflammatory or derogatory then addressit. You're blowing your situation out of hand.
  2. Kandy83

    WGU Pre-licensing BSN for 2015

    Did you get in? And do you have a degree already?
  3. Kandy83

    It's not my job to pray with you.

    I won't argue the Bible with you. But your statement is false, there is no where in the Bible that speaks against interracial marriage Only against inter-religion relationships. The Bible says many things but it doesn't say that at all. Moses married an African from Ethiopia so that point is moot. Back to the OP, just explain to the patient that you're not religious and that you don't feel comfortable in praying with her. But you would be more than happy to get the Chaplin.
  4. Kandy83

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    Wow, that was really hurtful?
  5. Kandy83

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    Well you're angry at the wrong people then. White women are the main benefactors of Affirmative Action.
  6. Kandy83

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    Let me take a guess, you're not a minority?
  7. Kandy83

    Does my RACE matter when applying to Nursing Programs?

    Thank you OP for creating this thread, it opened my eyes to a lot of fonts. And Affirmative Action has benefited white women more than anyone else. People seem to fact that overwhelming fact.
  8. Kandy83

    Mount St. Mary's College or El Camino College??

    Go to El Camino, Mount St Mary's has a way lower NCLEX score and it cost way more. It would suck if you go some where like that, pay so much and still struggle with the NCLEX. Oh and El Camino is a great school and it's closer to you. And I believe they do have a connection with a BSN program. You really need to go online and recheck this. I believe they are connected to Cal-state Dominguez. Or you could just go to WGU and obtain your BSN from there.
  9. Which city do you stay in? Because where I'm from CNA's average around $11 an hour and I live in a real expensive city.
  10. LMBO, what did she say ratchet meant?
  11. Kandy83

    Nursing loans really that bad? 120K

    Not sure if serious...?:***:
  12. Kandy83

    CNA Salaries

    Not true about Cali, the pay differentiates. Average is 9-12. Hospitals 13-15. Very few hospitals 15-19. But the higher the pay the more difficult to get in.
  13. Kandy83

    I hate being a CNA

    OP, plenty of nurses haven't been a CNA. You don't need to be a CNA to become a good nurse. Quit OP, you don't need that experience. Many people usually become a CNA at the place they want to work. If you don't want to work there, work some where else. Which state are you in? If you're in a state with a an overabundance of nurses than you can stick it out. If not, quit OP, you don't need the added stress.
  14. Kandy83

    Western Governors University

    I really don't need that type of negativity. I don't even know you, what gives?
  15. OP can you give specific examples on how you are being bullied?
  16. Ohh is this some form of a joke OP, if so let us play. Hmm we need more data, what about vital signs and sign and symptoms?