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nolanurse88 has 2 years experience and specializes in med-surg.

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  1. nolanurse88

    BSN nurses, how much did your schooling cost you?

    My LPN-BSN is about $24k no way would I pay $60k+
  2. nolanurse88

    How much do you LPN's make?

    $15 in the hospital. $20 at the nursing home. New Orleans, La
  3. nolanurse88

    LPN Doubts

    I'm a LPN in a hospital and have the same full responsibility as the RNs for my patients. I do admissions, teaching, meds, their daily care, make calls to the doctors, give IVPBs. Whenever I have an IV push or need the blood spiked the RN will do it. They also sign my tele strips. Overall just don't go in thinking it's any less stressful than for RNs. Now this may be different in another area of nursing.
  4. nolanurse88

    Taking Anatomy and Chem at the same time.

    I worked full time while taking A&P 2 online and lab at the school then took chem at another school an hour away. Made an A in both with a lot of discipline but my gpa couldn't afford anything less. From what you're telling us I think you'll do fine.
  5. nolanurse88

    How to read blood pressure?

    First sound you hear is systolic, last sound is diastolic
  6. nolanurse88

    Louisiana LPN to RN programs ?

    It's the only reason I chose nicholls lol. As long as I had my pre-reqs done and passed the NLN with a 77 you are guaranteed in. You DO have to be a student a Nicholls I believe to apply for the test tho. Passing the test exempts you from the fundamentals nurs 225 class and you go straight to nurs 255.
  7. nolanurse88

    How to document sleeping on night shift

    I like this one the best. Gonna have to start using it.
  8. nolanurse88

    How to document sleeping on night shift

    I put pretty much the same. Pt. is asleep, eyes closed, chest rising and falling, call bell within reach. Will continue to monitor.
  9. nolanurse88

    Male Nurses in OB

    I would not feel comfortable with a male nurse or doctor, I'm already modest.
  10. nolanurse88

    Louisiana LPN to RN programs ?

    Southeastern I believe is a years experience. I'm in Nicholls LPN to BSN program. Graduate dec 2016!
  11. nolanurse88

    LSU vs ULL

    Just keep in mind lsu son is in New Orleans so about an hour away. Both are really good schools I would go with the closest and cheapest school.
  12. nolanurse88

    Ochsner Medical Center

    Do you know what the starting pay is for a new grad RN?
  13. nolanurse88

    Hey RN's that used to be LPN's !

    I work 36 hrs/week working every weekend and then 1 day through the week that I'm off from school. I have a very supportive family but would still have no problem getting by paying bills if I didn't have him. I guess if I had kids I'd be a different story.
  14. nolanurse88

    Hey RN's that used to be LPN's !

    I returned immediately after. I was too behind to take a break. Graduated LPN dec 2012. Soon to be graduating RN BSN Dec 2016