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  1. efda2rn

    American New Grad finding a nursing job in London

    King's College London - Nursing Studies BSc (international) First of all, thank you for taking the time to try and direct me to the correct information. I think that my confusion stems from the fact that Overseas Nursing Programmes are still being o...
  2. efda2rn

    American New Grad finding a nursing job in London

    Turns out the Overseas Nursing Programme is still offered as a way to qualify for licensure. Hope is renewed!
  3. efda2rn

    American New Grad finding a nursing job in London

    I'm having difficulty locating the article, but it was written in 2015 and stated that the NMC had replaced the Overseas Nurse Programme with the competency test, I believe, as a part of the foreign licensure process. The article implied that this wa...
  4. Hi! This is a fact-finding request. My husband has a good chance at getting offered a job in London. Luckily, I will be able to finish my BSN nursing program before this job would start, so I won't need to worry about transferring my education. I hav...
  5. efda2rn

    Reflections of your first semester?

    My school (3-year BSN program) operates differently from other schools in that our first term consists of a Health Promotions class, skills lab, and clinical. I feel very good for the A I earned in lecture. Clinical/skills for us were Pass/Fail and I...
  6. My BSN program takes a slightly different approach than what seems to be the majority of schools. Instead of cramming it all in right from the get-go, our first term consists of a Health Promotions class, skills lab and clinical. Even with this (rela...
  7. efda2rn

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    Math 95 will count if it is the only math class you have that qualifies for the math requirement. If you've taken a higher-level math, then that will count, instead.
  8. efda2rn

    Do all nursing schools give the TEAS test?

    In Oregon, many schools here require no entrance exams. As memory serves, there are only 2 programs that include an exam as part of their admission requirement. They do, however, have a proctored essay requirement...
  9. I loved the steampunky vibe of the brown Littman II SE with the copper-colored metal and had the bell engraved. I also got a matching brown BP cuff that has a pretty, swirly metallic pattern. Love them both!
  10. efda2rn

    rolling book bag/packpack

    Amazon.com : High Sierra Freewheel Backpack, Black/Purple Razz Mystic, 20.5 x 13.5 x 8-Inch : Sports & Outdoors This is what I've been using for over a year. Sturdy and has saved my back when lugging around all my books! I fully intend on using i...
  11. efda2rn

    Portland Oregon wannabe Nurse looking for advice

    What I would recommend is that you all some of the admissions departments at regionally accredited universities that offer RN-BSN bridge programs (like OHSU and Linfield) in order to check if they will accept the credits earned from schools like Sumn...
  12. @katieduke, thank you for coming onto allnurses.com and providing us with a more detailed explanation of what happened! You're absolutely right when you said it's always best to go right to the source of the story in order to check our facts. The pro...
  13. Oh wow, so I need to learn to have less of a defeatist attitude. After realizing that the email I received from Clackamas did not include the information about the orientation, I assumed that I was so low on the list of alternates that it really did...
  14. I'm happy that the program showed her being fired as a consequence of her actions, not just "Hey and here she is working in a new hospital!" Not even a nurse who made it onto the cover of a national magazine is exempt from hospital policies and regul...
  15. efda2rn

    Oregon Health and Science University 2014 cohort

    Congrats, @mrjeramie and @bobdakseb!