How many of of you are BLS certified?

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    Wondering how many of you pre-nursing students have completed the BLS certification for healthcare professionals?

    I have taken regular CPR courses before but most recently when I had my youngest child (he is 7! yikes). Anyway, I volunteer in a local ED and the nurse manager suggested that I get my BLS for healthcare providers now. I have completed the online portion and just need to complete the skills training.

    Close to one more thing off my "to do" list :-)

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    I'm BLS for healthcare providers certified, and AED certified.
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    I am, I had to when I started volunteering at a hospital. Now I don't have to take another class when I begin nursing school in jan. students without it has to get certified before they begin.
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    I was BLS certified before I started nursing school. It was a requirement you had to meet before you were allowed to do clinical rotations. Now I'm working on ACLS and PALs.
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    I did mine back in August.
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    I had to get it in order to be a CNA. But I only have 6 months left on it. SIGH.
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    I've had BLS (healthcare provider) continuously for about 18 years. Only in the last cycle have they really emphasized fast & deep compressions that ideally don't stop.
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    I have it. I took it a long time ago when I started working in daycares. I only had to have regular CPR but that's what I took. Good thing because I needed it for CNA and now nursing school
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    I was certified in BLS for healthcare providers my senior year of high school. That lasted til Sept. 2011 and then I just didn't get it renewed until about Oct 2012... I've been a CNA since 2011 but it wasn't required to be certified. I did have to renew it for the nursing program though.
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    Yes...definitely get it! Our program requires BLS certification before applying. It's good for 2 years. Took it through the AHA. Takes about 4 hours to complete the training.

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