How many of of you are BLS certified? How many of of you are BLS certified? | allnurses

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How many of of you are BLS certified?

  1. 0 Wondering how many of you pre-nursing students have completed the BLS certification for healthcare professionals?

    I have taken regular CPR courses before but most recently when I had my youngest child (he is 7! yikes). Anyway, I volunteer in a local ED and the nurse manager suggested that I get my BLS for healthcare providers now. I have completed the online portion and just need to complete the skills training.

    Close to one more thing off my "to do" list :-)
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    I'm BLS for healthcare providers certified, and AED certified.
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    I am, I had to when I started volunteering at a hospital. Now I don't have to take another class when I begin nursing school in jan. students without it has to get certified before they begin.
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    I was BLS certified before I started nursing school. It was a requirement you had to meet before you were allowed to do clinical rotations. Now I'm working on ACLS and PALs.
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    I did mine back in August.
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    I had to get it in order to be a CNA. But I only have 6 months left on it. SIGH.
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    I've had BLS (healthcare provider) continuously for about 18 years. Only in the last cycle have they really emphasized fast & deep compressions that ideally don't stop.
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    I have it. I took it a long time ago when I started working in daycares. I only had to have regular CPR but that's what I took. Good thing because I needed it for CNA and now nursing school
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    I was certified in BLS for healthcare providers my senior year of high school. That lasted til Sept. 2011 and then I just didn't get it renewed until about Oct 2012... I've been a CNA since 2011 but it wasn't required to be certified. I did have to renew it for the nursing program though.
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    Yes...definitely get it! Our program requires BLS certification before applying. It's good for 2 years. Took it through the AHA. Takes about 4 hours to complete the training.
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    BLS/CPR continues to be watered down by AHA. Perhaps simplification is a good thing, for the general public.

    For nursing students, EMTs of all stripes, YMCA lifeguards . . wouldn't you want to know what they could teach you, in a day?

    Oh--you don't have a day. Oh, well, in that case, just how much did you wish to know?

    Just what they could expose you to, on-line, in 30 minutes or so?

    And you get your cert., & you're "good to go"? Did you merely want the cert? or did you actually want to know smth about the subject?

    OK, get what you can, in the time you have "available". Sure hope you don't need it, for real, And, I especially hope, your patient doesn't actually need it, when you are presented with the absolute need, for smth you may not really know all that much about.
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    I needed it for my current CNA job and for school.
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    I am as well. Yes it is good to have before you get in some colleges wont let you in until you have it done . Good for you