Heads up to all new nursing students:

  1. I remember being new to nursing school and I remember freaking out about how difficult nursing school was going to be for me, especially after reading many posts on here. I was stressing out the entire summer before my first fall semester and I kept doubting that I would be able to get through these classes.

    A lot of people on here say that nursing school will suck up all of your time and you will be studying 24/7 and left with no social life. Now, I understand that everyone is a different type of student, but DON'T go into nursing school thinking that it will be pure hell to get through. EVERYONE is different. What may be difficult for some may be easy for others. Don't stress about it so much ahead of time. It may be easier than you think. You won't know until you experience these classes on your own. This website is GREAT for advice, but I just wanted to advise you not to stress out over what people say about how hard nursing school is. Not saying it is a walk in the park but I don't find it too bad so maybe you may not too!

    Good luck!
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  3. by   erilindsey
    Thank you for posting this. I have fire safety training this week, three day orientation the next and start class August 28th and I feel sick to my stomach with nerves. I've been trying to skim through some of the books I've got and I just get overwhelmed. I've done good so far on the dosage calculations pre test from my book but I know it will get harder. 😣
  4. by   LoriRNCM
    My orientation is tomorrow and I am sick to my stomach! You are right, we read things about how awful it is but not much about it being a good experience, so it tends to psych us out.
  5. by   michiganstudent
    I start success seminar this week - all week. Then a week off before starting classes. I am pretty nervous - can't sleep at night. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

    I'm also glad my school is having a week long success seminar for us. I hope it helps.
  6. by   blueyesue
    The OP is correct that each person is different, but let me add that there is a reason the majority of current and past nursing students say nursing school is hard. (it is). However, keep in mind that the majority of these students have passed or will pass nursing school. Keep plugging away.
  7. by   sjalv
    I think a lot of the nursing school horror stories come from those who just were not adequately prepared for nursing school. The classes are not like your prereqs, where you might be able to simply to skate by without trying. Because of different grading scales (in my case, anything below 75% is considered failing), required lab participation and skills check-offs, required dosage calculation tests, etc.. people don't know how to react.

    I'm not saying it isn't a lot, but don't go in thinking it will be the hardest thing ever. That will just set you up for failure. Be aware of its challenges, but also be aware of your own strength.
  8. by   Caribbean Character
    Ours is 75% also. I have friends that have gone through our program and told me how hard and stressful it is and how lucky I was not to have been accepted. Of course, I didn't listen and I got in this time. My orientation is Wednesday and classes start two weeks from this Tuesday.
  9. by   alysonp
    Thank you for your post. Very refreshing.
  10. by   T-Bird78
    Ours was 75% or higher to pass AND get a 75 or higher on your final; if you didn't already have a 75 you couldn't even sit for the final. As one of a class of 20, that's a lot of pressure. I was a single mom at the time, working part-time in the evenings, and managed to pass all my classes and graduate with high honors (3.82 GPA--only one B the entire time). You can do it. Just find a strategy that works for you and stick with it. Good luck!!
  11. by   Jaynie_Marie
    Thanks for your post - it is refreshing and encouraging to be reminded that everyone has a different experience with nursing school. One of the nurses at work keeps telling me that I will sit in class the first few days wondering what in the world I got myself into...and while that may be true, it is great to reminded that her experience will not necessarily be mine. I start class a week from tomorrow (on August 19) and have been starting to freak out a bit...I will try to relax and remember that only God know ls what my nursing school experience will be! Thanks again!
  12. by   whealer
    I'm starting school in a month but I'm not stressed about it. I'm mostly excited to get started and love challenges so I'm looking forward to it. After two years of desk work at a doctor's office I'm ready to really begin the next phase of my life.
  13. by   ambitiousBSN
    Thank you for this post! I am beginning my first semester later this month and while I've been a huge mixture of emotions, I'm going in with a fresh, open mind because that's the best way to approach nursing school. It seems that more often than not, people only share the horror stories of nursing school, rather than the positive moments. Like you said, it will be no walk in the park, but I think it's best to approach the journey with an open, positive mind.

    Everyone's nursing journey is different, so I'm excited to right my own nursing story. :-)

    Thanks again!
  14. by   TrishaJefferson
    Thanks for posting this!