College Algebra ughh

  1. I have a pretty much all A average but I absolutely cannot understand college algebra. I've always been able to learn anything, but not this. How did everyone else get through it???
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  3. by   ginna121
    I hear you.....I am in intermediate Algebra and I am having trouble
  4. by   christina731
    I specifically chose my ADN program because it only requires a specific health sciences math involving dosage calculations rather than traditional algebra because I couldn't pass the intermediate algebra class. I feel your pain. I tried it so many times and I just could not pass intermediate let alone college algebra. I did well in all of my other science & pre req classes but not that one. Good luck to you!
  5. by   zoe92
    I hate math. But I got an A in college algebra & a B in statistics... I was stunned. Basically, I went to my school's tutoring center A LOT. I also did homework, even if it wasn't graded. I also did any practice problems in the chapters we were taught, and a couple times when that wasn't enough, I asked my professor to recommend more from the text book. You can't go into it with a bad mind set because that will set the tone throughout the class.
  6. by   Getting To Great
    I absolutely feel your pain...I took calculus past; and I pass with a C. The school that I am looking into requires other math classes include calculus, but I did not know until after I registered for the course. I wanted to drop the class right away but I missed the drop deadline so, now the only thing left is withdrawing which will also leave a W on my transcript, and I really don't want that. I have a test coming up, if I score well I will continue but if not, a W it will be because I can't afford to have my GPA suffer.
  7. by   Apriljenkins
    Math has always been a problem for me as well don't worry you will get it take it slow and practice and practice and get a tutor......
  8. by   Miiki
    If you are having a lot of difficulty with College Algebra, it may be because you might not fully understand some of the more basic math that College Algebra builds upon. It would be like trying to build a bridge before the support columns are done.

    Maybe you should consider taking remedial math classes, but it might slow you down curiculum-wise. Or get high school math workbooks starting with Algebra I(high school level).
  9. by   beckyboo1
    Actually, I have a good working knowledge of math and did well in Fundamentals and Intermediate Algebra. Part of my frustration right now is that until I understand this one section, I can't move on to other sections I DO understand. I can't get the formula for completing a square down. Guess I'll spend today trying again and trying to find some online helps. Unfortunately, I work full time and being able to coordinate tutoring time with my instructor has been extremely difficult.
  10. by   i♥words
    My suggestion: YouTube.
  11. by   MsAlba
    I hit up the math lab like crazy and also used Khan's academy (online website). Very helpful!
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  12. by   Sadala
    Ok. So I purposely got a BA in a liberal arts field the first time around so that I wouldn't have to take higher math and science. I got through college algebra the THIRD time I took it, and only because the professor took pity on me.

    Fast forward to the future and the job market bottoms out and I decide to make a career change into nursing. And... I had to do more entrance exams AND I had to take those science courses I purposely chose NOT to take the first time around. And... I needed to do well in math.

    I found this free website that helped me to understand math in a way I had never "gotten" it before.
    Maybe it will help you out too.
  13. by   MsAlba
    Here, Becky:

    Completing the square | Quadratic functions | Khan Academy

    Maybe that will help you. He explains things really well!
  14. by   Flnolegirl
    I got a B in college algebra only because I went to class early, and stayed late for all the extra help I can get. Math has always been Greek to me.