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Ok so I had a midterm yesterday. I have been studying for a little over two weeks straight for this example. I would go over the material she has posted online (she likes to do everything on power... Read More

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    I hardly ever had study guides or even looked at my professors notes. I looked and studied the entire chapters that would be covered on the test. Like someone else mentioned, definitely study it all!
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    My suggestion was to read all the chapters. I don't think I was being vague at all. Read the chapters. All of them. From beginning to end. Maybe read them a 2nd time.
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    Be careful what you post on this site people are extremely negative and almost always think they are better and smarter than you...I suggest looking for advice elsewhere because people here most of the time never want to support you its pathetic to me. I've read so many threads on this site and its disgusting how some of the people respond. People get on here looking for advice and support from fellow nurses and students and basically everyone just tells you to suck it up and get over it. I understand that the nursing field is tough and constructive criticism is ok and definitely necessary but there is a way to say it. And everyone needs to remember that we all start from the same places and were once in each other shoes.
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    Well hun, welcome to the wonderful world of nursing. Not in regards to your A&P class, but in relation to the overwhelming negativity that you’ve just endured. THIS is what you will encounter in your career and throughout nursing school. That whole "break you down to build you up" mentality. Are you sure that you’re ready for this? lol.
    I get what you are saying in regards to your teacher. My A&P teacher didn’t use powerpoints, a syllabus with an outline of what the class covered, didn’t give out handouts, and didn’t give out any assignments really. He just stood in front of the class and told us whatever he could remember from the top of his head. He didn’t use any guidelines or anything. His lectures were completely unstructured. Basically, he was winging it. He was a good teacher….when he felt like teaching. Half of our class either flunked out or dropped the class all together. Our professor even regularly admitted that he failed/forgot to go over information that we needed to know. I felt as if I had to teach myself 75% of the information of what I needed to know for the class. I read my textbook, used other resources (including Youtube) to absorb any information that I could find. I have a high A in my class, and I only have my final exam left. It’s been rough, but I made it.
    I know that it can be tough, but unfortunately some teachers do the bare minimum and expect you to teach yourself. I don’t think that it’s about being spoon fed. It’s about being paid to provide a service and failing to deliver. People get ****** over not having ketchup on a $2 burger, so why should mediocre education be acceptable? Crappy teachers DO exist. Anywho, you will encounter this dilemma throughout college/nursing school. There’s really nothing that you can do, except over prepare yourself for everything (including reading ahead, during, and after chapters are being discussed in lecture) and hope for the best. It’s been working for me so far. Good luck J
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    Quote from britney705
    ....everyone needs to remember that we all start from the same places and were once in each other shoes.
    That's why she is getting the so called "negative" feedback. We have been there already and our advice comes from experience. After being blind sided by a few tests we have figured out what the OP hasn't. We aren't being negative, just realistic.
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    One test we had in school, the entire class did extremely poor on. We challenged it, because if the whole class did poorly, that says something about the test. We won that battle.
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    I don't think anyone is trying to be super negative. I can say with certainty that I am not. However, the OP asked if it was bad teaching and everyone is just trying to explain to her that it is her responsibility, as a grown woman, to study for her own tests without having her teacher guide her as to what to study. No negativity, just answering a question. I really don't see how that's trying to "break someone down" at all. There are many people that come on this site to ask opinions. Then, they get people's opinions, stated respectfully. If those opinions are in disagreement with what the OP wanted to hear, all of a sudden everyone's being negative and mean.

    Believe it or not, that is being supportive. By saying that "no, it's your fault and here's how you can fix it", we're trying to help.
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    Well stated rubato! That was my intent with my post... Take responsibility. Nursing is a hard career filled with life long learning. After graduation, we still have sooo much more to learn and no one can entirely guide us through this process. A lot of what you learn is then applied to critical thinking processes that are vital to nursing.

    As the op stated, her test is way harder then NCLEX... So A&P should be really easy!!! The human body is the same whether from the U.S. or Canada!
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    OP, I don't believe any of us was trying to be rude, mean, or unsympathetic when we posted. Being in nursing school (or in college, at all) is like being inducted into a big club. We've all been members of that club at one time or another and survived. When you've survived being a member of this club and become a nurse, you'll be
    in a brand new club -- the RN/LPN club where you're now legally responsible for your own mistakes.

    That's a great part of the reason your faculty seems so unyielding and unreasonable. They just can't afford to have you make lots of errors that could cost someone their life.

    You aren't reading all this stuff just to fulfill an assignment or as busy work. You really will need to know all this information when you're an actual nurse someday. As I mentioned i an earlier post, faculty simply doesn't have enough time to talk about everything in class. Most use class time to expand beyond the reading assignments, explain what is especially difficult, and do some question answering.

    All professors are required to have office hours. Use them! If they aren't convenient for you, most faculty will meet you outside those hours and in offbeat places like the student union, classrooms, etc. I know my husbandhas met students all kinds of unusual spots at times that worked for the student. Don't be afraid to ask.
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    Quote from britney705
    Be careful what you post on this site people are extremely negative and almost always think they are better and smarter than you...I suggest looking for advice elsewhere because people here most of the time never want to support you its pathetic to me. I've read so many threads on this site and its disgusting how some of the people respond. People get on here looking for advice and support from fellow nurses and students and basically everyone just tells you to suck it up and get over it. I understand that the nursing field is tough and constructive criticism is ok and definitely necessary but there is a way to say it. And everyone needs to remember that we all start from the same places and were once in each other shoes.
    I understand exactly what you're saying. And everytime a nursing student shares a situation, there is always that one nurse who implies those who haven't graduated or aren't in a nursing program don't know what they're talking about so their opinions/advice should barely be considered.

    The sad part is nurses are not that accurate/mistake-proof as much as a small bunch tries to seem to be. I'm living proof of that. I've had to be rushed in an ambulance from a gyno clinic due to a nurses simple mistake. So imagine how I take some of these snobby responses.

    Anyway, OP I really hope it all works out. I'm afraid what you're speaking of might happen to me. I've been tested on crap that wasnt outlined/discussed before so like others mentioned just pop open that book and go over the chapters x amount of times.
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    I'd like to start this post off with the disclaimer that I'm ONLY A PRE-REQ student at this time. I do have an Associates in another area however, and have sat through enough college level classes to feel comfortable posting on this particular article.

    Here it goes. Please take it for what it's worth.

    I noticed that the majority of the posters (and certainly the first posters) to this article immediately assumed that the OP is at fault simply because "It is YOUR responsibility to learn the material." Well, while this is technically true, it is also the instructors responsibility to guide you along the correct path of learning this material. And I don't believe that the Professor standing there reading a power point-and doing little else-covers this obligation. If a student is paying good money (or even little money, for that matter) for an education, then s/he damn well deserves more than a power point that is nothing more than what is read in the text book. Seriously, I've had Professors give power points that were VERBATIM from the text! If I wanted a refresher of the text, I could have just reread it myself. I don't care if this is standard practice. It is not enough. The Instructors should be giving REAL LIFE-FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE-examples of the info in the power points, to MAKE the info on them more than just something out of a book. To make the students understand that the importance of this information goes WAY BEYOND just passing some test!

    If some of the posters here are Professors/Instructors who teach this way then you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are cheating your students! It doesn't matter how high your class pass rates are, it surely isn't because of you. If they had to dissect their text in its entirety in their own time because of the lack of help you give them, I do not believe that you should feel any responsibility for their success. By the way, "Yes" they should be spending much of their own time doing this, but not only because they get no help from you. Keep in mind, I'm only referring to the Professors who do power points and nothing else. If this isn't you please do not be offended. If it is you, well, like the posters are saying to the OP, "Take this and learn from it."

    I would like to also touch on the statement that "It is YOUR responsibility to learn the material." I believe that students pay-very much in many cases-tuition and sit in classrooms (or pay tuition and go online ) as a way of carrying out the responsibility of learning the material. Once these students are accepted into a program and take on the attached financial obligation, then the institution takes on their own obligation-the obligation to prepare these students to not only pass the NCLEX, but to absorb and apply the knowledge that the curriculum (that they are paying to attend) is supposed to provide. Not just to regurgitate information from a text book in the form of a power point. I'm sorry but I don't care if this is the standard practice (nor am I claiming it IS the standard practice, but I gotta say I've seen it quite often in my own experiences), it is WRONG!

    Alluding to what a previous poster said (and I'm paraphrasing, here) about how we complain over a sub par hamburger that cost $2, why should it be wrong to speak up about an expensive education that we feel is falling short of expectations? I don't get that.

    Now, instead of attacking the OP instinctively, we should delve a bit deeper into her circumstances. I would like to know what the class average for the midterm was. If it were a passing average, but the poster did terribly then yes, maybe she is whining, has bad study habits or both. BUT, if on the average the class did poorly, then she is likely NOT whining. It really is that simple. It could go either way, but as a knee-jerk reaction the OP was immediately inundated with posts that solely put her at fault, with no one even considering that she may have actually had a poor instructor. That is NOT fair and impartial... Also, I believe many posters took it too literally when the OP says "She read a little of the text." Granted, she should have read the whole required reading, but by "Little" I'm sure it was not as little as I believe most posters are taking it for. I seriously doubt she stopped after a page or two

    I have one more small addition. For the posters who posted anything along the lines of "You're an adult now, ect, ect...," whether you meant it as such or not, you were insulting this girl. I know I would take it as an insult if someone accused me of being less than an adult without asking a single probing question first. Come on, guys (and ladies). Advice is always appreciated, but insults should not be rendered without substantial cause.
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    I really do not understand why anyone feels that the OP has been "attacked." To answer her question, YES professors CAN give you 300+ pages of material to go over with no study guide and say it is all fair game, so read it and know it. That is what a syllabus is. Is it helpful? Not really. Do other professors do more to guide you? Heck yes. But it is not required. It is frustrating, and it can be confusing to get through if you have never had this kind of professor before. It is also debatable whether or not this type of professor is wrong in doing it. Either way, they CAN do it. You just have to adapt. It isn't fun, and it is a pain in the rear.

    I would suggest reading and outlining the chapters you have been given for an exam. Make your own study guide using the material in your syllabus. I find that to be a great way for me to cover my bases and retain what I'm reading. Incorporate your notes, any handouts you may have gotten in class, and any powerpoints the professor used. Also, if your school has tutors, USE them. They can guide you in studying what you need to know. Get together with a group of your classmates and study with them. You have to move past being upset that you are in this situation, and start taking action, using every resource at your disposal, and learning it on your own. You have to put a lot more time and effort into learning with this kind of professor. It doesn't seem fair, and it feels like you are being ripped off of what you are paying for, but it is allowed so all you can do is buckle down and make the best of it.
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    When I took an Econ class for my previous accounting degree, I had a professor who would come in with this monotone voice and just talk. His teaching style didn't work for me and I got C's on every single test right up until the final exam. I scheduled an appointment to talk with him to see how I could bring my grade up and he was not helpful at all. In fact, I walked out of his office mad as he**. I was determined that he would not get the satisfaction of seeing me fail. I studied the entire book night and day until the final. Needless to say, I passed the class with an A. I understand your frustration. But now is the time to get determined and put in the work. Know the textbook so well that you can answer any question thrown at you with ease. Then it won't matter what's on the test. I think what most people are trying to tell you is that you have to move past what you feel your teacher didn't do right and work on what you can do on your end to kind of balance it out. If you know she's not going to tell you what to review, review everything. Make this class the priority and study the textbook every chance you get and anything you don't understand, you can ask her during class.Hope this helps! Good luck.