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Ok so I had a midterm yesterday. I have been studying for a little over two weeks straight for this example. I would go over the material she has posted online (she likes to do everything on power... Read More

  1. by   KelRN215
    I'm not sure why you would think a teacher couldn't do this. You admit that you only went over "a bit" of the text book- perhaps the details you didn't go over in class were in the chapters that you were expected to have read- in detail. Prioritization questions are common in nursing and you will find many of these types of questions on NCLEX. Your teacher is doing good by using these types of questions.
  2. by   nguyency77
    My patho teacher did the same thing for our last test and half the class was whining and crying about it.

    Tests don't measure what you memorized; they measure what you're supposed to have learned. Can you apply the material that was presented? Our tests used to say things like, "What is an example of altered perfusion?" and the answer would be something like "myocardial infarction."
    Now they don't. We have to know the concepts in order to answer the questions.

    We're adults. We're in college. Nobody is going to hold your hand, give you a sticker for trying, and tell you what's on the test. What's the point otherwise? There is a belief held among fellow students that "anything that isn't gonna be on the test shouldn't have to be studied." Not true. They can only ask so many questions on a test. We're going to become nurses. Your charge nurse is not going to tell you how to care for each patient-- that's up to you and that's why we have to actually learn a lot of things on our own whether or not it's gonna be on the test.
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    Yikes! Hang in there future nurse... Study those concepts inside and out...
    Thanks for sharing your story, as this information will help me too!
    Keep your head in the books.
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    wow clearly no one on the board can read what I actually said.
  5. by   morte
    and that maybe part of your problem.....that what you are trying to say isn't coming thru. Honestly your first post did come off whiney. Back up, rethink, restate. good luck
    Quote from Dezy
    wow clearly no one on the board can read what I actually said.
  6. by   loriangel14
    No teacher can cover EVERYTHING. It is up to you to take responsibility for learning the rest. Like they have said previously, no one is going to spoon feed it to you. They can give you the tools you need to pass the tests but you have to learn how to apply it yourself.When you write the NCLEX it will all be fair game.
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  7. by   Stephalump
    To be fair, even YOU were aware that you were whining in your post. No one thinks you're a child, but much like children, whining rubs people the wrong way. That could be why you feel like people are talking to you like you're a kid.

    Your teacher has every right to test you on things she didn't lecture about. I understand that you feel like your tuition should guarantee 100% material coverage, but I don't know what to tell you except that's not how it works. It's just not. Some teachers will baby you and give you a study guide full of test questions. Some will put all tests able info on Pps. Some will lecture out of multiple materials and only give you notes on some of it. Some teachers spend entire class periods talking about their dreams and hobbies and you have to teach yourself EVERYTHING.

    If you don't like your teacher's style, have a good whine/moan about it and the suck it up and adjust and do what needs to be done. While everyone else in your class is wasting away the semester complaining, you'll be rising to the top. Not only will that help you get into nursing classes if you aren't already, but it'll help you get through them.
  8. by   itsnowornever
    Teachers aren't there to hand you information. They are there to give insight on the book. Next time read the book, then power points than practice quiz with rationale.
  9. by   sharpeimom
    Faculty can't cover absolutely everything in class lectures for a very very simple reason. There is not enough
    time! There is so much to cover and time is so limited, that your professors must carefully pick and choose what they can cover during class time.

    Should a student choose not to read all of the reading assignments, well then, she must be prepared to live with any consequences of that decision. Pull on your big girl panties and deal with it.

    Even though you're allowed to come to allnurses and xxxxx occasionally, you, and you alone, are ultimately responsible for what material you learn and not your professors. I'm not being mean. Just realistic.
  10. by   rubato
    I reread your original post so that I cannot be accused of not understanding what you wrote. Yes, you sound a little whiny, but I understand what you were trying to get at.

    I did great on our first 2 tests and then sucked on our midterm, because of my study habits. Our professors provide powerpoints, then in lecture, they give some additional info. I have mostly only used those for studying. What I have found, personally, is that I now absolutely must read the tables in the chapters that they want us to read as well as hit the high points throughout the chapter. You did, in fact state that you only read a bit of the book, so this may be the problem.

    The professors can test you on any part of the material they choose, whether it be from lecture, from powerpoints, from the chapters you were assigned to read or, in our case, from the GTLs (guides to learning), that are a basic outline of what they want us to take away from that subject. It is not like high school. In fact, when you get past anatomy and physiology, it will get harder. I mean, a lot harder!

    Please understand that everyone here is, in fact, trying to be supportive. They are trying to make you aware that this is nursing school and it's time for you to own up to your part in your poor test performance. You can't blame your professor if you didn't read all the material. I bet if you go back through the reading material, you'll find those test answers in there. Yes, we are all here to help each other, but we aren't here to blow smoke up someone's a**. I hope you can use this test as a learning experience and do better on the next one. Good luck!
  11. by   BostonFNP
    Doing poorly on exam is something almost every nursing student will experience. It is an awful feeling that no one wants to experience, especially in programs that require an 73-83 to pass the class. I bombed a grad exam once, and I distinctly remember the anger I had about the questions because I felt my grade was not reflective of my knowledge of the material. Within a few days it really hit me that it was my fault, I was able to take responsibility for it, move on and pass the class.

    Nursing school will not spoon feed you material. This isn't because "that's the way it is": it's because you need to apply knowledge in practice and you need to pass this big exam called the NCLEX at the end of the program for which there is no PowerPoint and you can be asked anything.

    You seem to be lashing out at people for not supporting you like people don't understand: we do, most of us have been through nursing school and passed the boards.
  12. by   Skips
    Quote from Dezy
    Wow everyone is talking to me like I'm fresh out of high school. I'm not, Im 27. Next, this is our 2nd mid term we received on anatomy and this is the third test we have received from this teach which had a totally different writing style. I know about understanding and not merely memorizing and it's not like I'm lazy and do jack all and complain. I work hard and I'm willing to do so bu my frustration lies wih not being told what to review.I know maybe a lot of people have been told to suck it up and deal with it and your on your own but I feel that's a cop out excuse for Someone not to do what they are beig paid good money to do. I want to be successful and I am willing to work my butt off for it. Maybe everyone else on here honks its ok to pass the buck because its always been like that but igot one think there is something messed up about it.I also am surprised by the lack of supportive responses or advi e given. Before people start ramming down my throat to grow up, remember what you have gone through and we are here to help Eachother not make Eachother feel like a pee-on because we're new to the game and need help. Anyone that's sent a supportive message I thank you.

    P.s I'm writi from an iPhone please excuse my errors.
    I understand your frustration. Are you in nursing school yet, or are you doing your pre-requisites? Each instructor teaches differently, and prepares students differently. Some are more helpful than others. My anatomy instructor was very helpful in preparing us for the tests, and it benefited me greatly! I was very appreciative. My current med-surg I instructor is very helpful in preparing us for the tests by giving us review sheets to work with. She doesn't give us the answers, but it certainly helps. I feel that nursing school has a ton of material, and I think we should get review sheets to help us focus our studying. Each instructor wants different knowledge bases for their students. They determine what they feel is most important for students to take away from their class. So, with it being a little bit subjective to the instructor, I personally believe reviews work. And they work well.

    With that said, I would definitely have a talk with your instructor. Perhaps you could ask some of your other classmates for their experiences with this instructor's tests. Maybe the majority feel the way you do! (: (if you said that in your original post, I apologize...I read the post last night, and I'm just now responding this morning). I realize your frustration, I really do. Studying all the material (which is quite a bit for these classes) is probably not going to help you retain the tiny details...which some instructors want. I'm not going to tell you to "grow up" because I do think you have an adult, valid concern.

    By the way, I am a good student and I read chapters after lectures. I highlight chapters in my book and go over it numerous times. I do not leave studying to the power points, as this does not work.
  13. by   nguyency77
    OP, I understand your frustration. But if changes are not made, you will continue making the same mistakes and getting the same grades. Saying that something is intrinsically unfair about your teacher's methods and whatnot is kind of arbitrary; it does not help you and can only hurt you.

    You could make an appointment with your teacher and go over your test. Find out what went wrong-- did you just misunderstand the physiology? Did you mix up names for body parts? That will help you find your weak spots and what you should change.

    I know it's easier sometimes to just say that the teacher was being unfair, etc. But it's smarter to learn from it.