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It is hard to believe that it has been three years since I started the epic journey towards a PhD in nursing, as a part-time student who already had a full plate as full time nursing faculty in a... Read More

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    Well done! Best of wishes on the rest of your journey to success.
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    Wow...all I can say is OUCH! And also...GREAT GOING
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    What an inspiring article! I look forward to reading more about your journey into PhD.
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    Your piece was so well-written and inspiring I actually read the whole thing!
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    The day the nursing profession drops its need for meticulously rendered APA madness for all writing will be the day I reconsider pursuing a PhD.
    Until then, it should suffice that students understand the purpose of formatting. When, and if, an article is accepted for publication then, perhaps, one can consider undertaking this busying task.
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    After reading your post I feel like I could use some IV Zofran because the idea of being in front of a committee of people who are literally trying to tear apart your responses to questions is nauseating (at least for me). But your story is inspiring and some day in the next couple of years I will be going back for my Master's degree (and then hopefully my Doctorate). Thank you for sharing it with us!

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    I am also pursuing a doctorate, but mine is an EdD (Doctor of Education). I am entering into my 3rd year and hope to complete this degree by Spring, 2012. My congratulations to you for completing the grueling grilling by your dissertation committee. I hope to start my research project this Fall, 2011. Good luck to you! Keep us posted on your doctoral journey.
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    vicki, nurses like you are the reason i still consider nursing a profession!! you are a great representation of us!! i read every single word of what you wrote because one day (ten years from now) i hope to be just like you!! thank you for sharing!! i cannot wait to read part 2!
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    Vicki I am just awe struck I am currently in my 3rd semester of BSN program and I am 56 yrs old I was thinking how much harder BSN is compared to the ADN but after reading your post all I can say is whoa but you are right even in the BSN my mindset is changing with each and every semester and my writing has improved some much compared to the beginning of the BSN but I wish you the best you are definitely a great mentor for all of us
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    Salute to you. Dr. Nurse is a pretty rare commodity. Good luck!
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